TR20V Status and recovery page

TR20V system status information

Current status is:   GLUU login process is not sending password emails to some users

Impact: users cannot get credentials to authenticate with system.  Discord access will most likely be blocked.  Session links in Grenadine will be masked.

Extent: users who have already been able to set passwords and who have been able to log on (at least once) will not be affected.  New users who have not set passwords will be unable to access systems.

If you cannot connect to the system then please bear with us.  The US team will start work on this overnight (Australian time).  It should be fixed by morning.

If the problem persists, then the link to Grenadine (the schedule) will be placed here, and the link to the Zoom webinar for the first sessions will be in Grenadine.

The Discord server is here and details on how to get into Discord are here.

Last update:  2020-0704 0922 AEST

What happens on this page

This is the page where we will post last minute or recovery instructions if there is a glitch in the space-time continuum.

Because we can’t run down the corridor to move everyone if there’s a technical problem, you should come back to this page to check if something is wrong (assuming that we know… and we will).

During TR20V we will update this page if we need to tell you about

  • a failure
  • a recovery process
  • an emergency link to allow sessions to continue
  • where we put the answers to the quiz.   No, not really.  Sorry.  That’s always going to be secret.

Program changes and session links

All program updates and the links to all sessions will be in Grenadine.   If there is a change to the program, then Grenadine will be updated.

Please follow this link to Grenadine.