TR20V Discord Server address

Welcome to the Discord Server address page.

The actual address of the TR20V Discord server will go here when the doors are ready to be opened.  Click Here

If the server address isn’t there, then it isn’t ready for public use.  We’ll tell you when it is, and the advice will send you back to this page.

Discord server installation

To install the Technorama server once Discord is running on your computer:

  • On the left hand side of the Discord interface there is a green “+” in a grey circle. Click that.
  • On the “Oh, another server huh?” panel, take the right-hand Join option (green button)
  • Paste the link from above into the invitation, and press enter

When the server is installed you will see a Technorama icon on the left.  Click that icon to open the Technorama Discord server and enter our conference centre.

Operation in a web browser

The same link that is used to install the Technorama Discord server can also be used to run the server in a browser.  Try it!   Click here Click Here.   Most functions are available in a browser, but many people feel that the app works much better.