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16 April 2016


Technorama Incorporated, Australia’s grass-roots organization formed to support Community Broadcasting Technologists from over 440 not-for-profit radio services in Australia, has announced the dates and location of the 2016 national conference.

Technorama 16 will be held in Campbelltown, Sydney, from 22 to 24 July 2016.

Technorama events bring together broadcast engineering and management representatives from community stations across regional and metropolitan Australia, and feature special guests and professional contributions.  At the core of the weekend is informality and low price-point.  The ease with which community broadcasters may rub shoulders with their peers and  representatives from commercial industry allows them to share experiences, learn, and take home knowledge that benefits their stations and the sector.

The Technorama Conference program focuses on technology drivers and best practice in community radio, and provides an overview of technical and regulatory issues impacting Community stations in the digital era.

“I am excited about this year’s location”, said conference coordinator and President of Technorama, John Maizels.  “Our delegates asked for a conference that is easy to reach by car, rail and air, is informal in feel, close to cost-effective accommodation, and convenient for regional stations.  Our 2016 location in Campbelltown is all of that, and more.  And there’s a Community Station located within seconds of the conference.”

Technorama will offer participants topical discussions and hands-on practical sessions showcasing some of the latest broadcasting equipment and techniques, thanks to close cooperation from participating members.

“We have again assembled some of the top broadcast engineering talent in Australia, with a mix of equipment vendors, decision-makers and practitioners”, Maizels said.  “Technorama 16 will enable broadcasters to best position themselves for future growth and to keep pace with industry trends in a fast changing technology landscape.”

Thanks to sponsorship from the Community Broadcasting Foundation, TR16 will be affordably priced and highly accessible.

Details of programming will be released in the next two weeks.

Further details and constantly updated information will be found at the website:


Contact for further information:

John Maizels
Conference Coordinator

[email protected]
Technorama Incorporated
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