Vendors and demos at TR19

This year we’re joined by five exhibiting partners and a bit of our own democraft and stuff to sell.

See the end-to-end FM station

Plenty of people have reminded us about the end-to-end display that we had in Adelaide.  We’re doing it again.   If you’re not overly familiar with all the bits between the microphone and the car radio, this will be a great opportunity to stick your fingers in safely.

We will have a working transmission path, from program source through the mixer, to audio processor, stereo generator, transmitter and receiver.   If you’re not intimately familiar with how this stuff works, come and play.

Buy/Swap/Sell table.

We don’t know if this will be a table or if it’s going to take over the whole room.   But we’re setting some space aside for delegates to sell, exchange or buy gear.   Hey, you don’t even have to bring the gear:  a sign might work just as well.


A Technorama first.  We have some very affordable Technorama screwdriver sets, and Technorama mugs.  You can buy one or both, and there’s a special bundle price.

Our partners


Ian Campbell and Greg Altena.   AVC will be demonstrating an end to end cloud solution for radio broadcasters including scheduling, playout, mixing, processing, streaming, logging and more.


Judy Kelly.  Radio.Management is a start-up from Melbourne with roots in the community radio sector.

In 2019, Radio.Management is launching the Orquestradio suite of tools; software solutions to reduce the stress, and improve the quality, of outside broadcasting.

With Orquestradio for Events; coordinate precise, seamless handovers with a synchronised time source across locations and devices; use visual cues and written information to communicate with every member of the production crew; and customise functionality to meet the individual needs of your broadcast and your team.  All from within your browser with no additional software required.

On-Air Solutions

Paul Dengate.   OnAir Solutions will be presenting a simple new way to do outside broadcasts on a budget. Combining the Rødecaster Pro with Logitek JetLink on a laptop, you have a complete remote broadcast solution. Just add your preferred network connectivity: wired, wireless router or 4G dongle. You don’t need expensive dedicated hardware, as JetLink can run on any modern Windows machine. Best of all, the laptop can still be used for other purposes like remote access or audio editing.

You can also chat to OnAir about the full range of Logitek consoles, Røde microphones, Ecreso FM transmitters, video products and studio services.

Broadcast Components

Sean Pritchard.   Featuring:

  • OB in a box. An OB kit we have designed which includes everything you might need.
  • Dante AOIP via digital audio mixers and Dante AVIO adaptors
  • Low cost studio kit: Analogue mixer with USB and hybrid
  • BW Broadcast V3 transmitter

John Walsh


Deb Sexton