CBAA 2018: Your next studio

There are some questions that we’re asked a lot.  Do I need a digital console to work with digital radio?   How do I make the studio quiet?   What CD player is the best?   How do I cope with people who want to bring their own players?  Can you recommend a brand of (microphones/speakers/headphones/watercooler)?

Sound familiar?  These are all good questions, and important to think about as you design the studio.   But there’s a step before this happens.  Do you know what you really need?   What are the pitfalls?   If you’re on a limited budget, where do you start?   And who can you get to do the work?

This year at CBAA we will continue our series of “tech for the non-technical” seminars to give you some starting points and advice on how to plan for a good outcome with your studio design.

What’s covered?

During the session, we will look at some of the important decision points for the studio update

  • functional, non-functional and expendable requirements
  • specialist vs generalist approaches to design
  • what must happen first, and what can wait
  • human factors
  • analogue vs digital
  • sound treatment
  • air-conditioning
  • things you really MUST consider
  • how to spot cowboy planning
  • anticipating future needs
  • budgeting
  • R&D vs tried and true
  • what you should expect from a vendor
  • life-cycles

Presented by John Maizels (President of Technorama): all this and more on Saturday at 1100.