Technorama Ed Day 2018: Foundation Skills training

Many people have approached us to run training for newby techs, and this year we’re going to do just that.    Training Day 2018 is about starting from scratch.  If you’ve never worked with electronics before, join us and acquire the most important underlying skills needed by every station technologist:  quality soldering, component identification, kit building and basic electronic problem determination.

It’s going to be a very practical class, assuming absolutely no prior knowledge or ability.  In fact, we’re encouraging anyone who can already do these things to stay away so that we can handle the greatest number of first-timers.

You’ll leave with newly acquired skills, plus you get to take home the things you made.  Useful, you can impress your friends, and you have something to copy when you decide you want to make more.

At TR Ed Day 2018, participants will

  • learn how to solder.   We’ll take you through the art and science of soldering, show you how to strip wires, pre-tin tags, pads and cables, and then assemble a cable.
  • build a kit.   Unpack the parts, read the values, identify what goes where, and put it together.  At the end:  voila.  Something that works.   Several kits will be available at varying levels of difficulty.
  • test your work, and if it doesn’t operate (GASP!!) be guided through the process of working out what went wrong.

If everything comes together and you develop the skill, you will wire up an XLR extension cable,  build a small LED meter kit, and then assemble your own multimeter.   And better yet:  you get to take all this home with you as part of the class outcome.

When and where is it?

Technorama 2018 Education Day is on 18 May, starting at 1000 and will run until 1800, finishing in time to get to the official kickoff function.  Location will be The Vibe.

What’s included?

We supply soldering irons, tools, parts and the kits.   Your TAFE-qualified instructors are highly experienced electronics fiends with over 100 years of cumulative experience in building and fixing things, and almost that long as trainers.

How do I enrol?

Click here to register for the TR18 Education day

Easy.   Click on the soldering iron to register.   The Eventbrite booking process will tell you if there are places left once you make a selection.

There are only two booking options:

  • you are a member of Technorama, and it will cost you $50 for the full day with training and materials.   That’s a bargain!


  • you are not a member of Technorama, in which case it will cost you $500 for the full day.  This is a maths test.  You could save $490 by being a member.

And yes, one or two of the premium-premium tickets really are available.  Buy one of these and experience Technorama Luxury as we attempt to deliver all the caviar and coffee you can handle (with a personal private barista).  Plus you also get the training.