Technorama gear sales upcoming

At TR19 we’re going to have some keenly priced items for sale to members:

  • Fordray Linear Broadcast 10 watt frequency-agile exciters:  $330, ready to go.  Just the go to use as a spare.  These are mono, but can be converted to stereo or driven directly from a stereo generator.


  • Orban 8282 digital stereo audio processors suitable for transmission or recording.  These were originally intended for use in TV audio chains and are excellent flat-response level-control devices.  Notwithstanding, the 8282 was also  designed with FM transmission in mind and can be set up to do a great job as a main or standby processor ahead of your transmitter or link.

Come and grab a great deal and save heaps on shipping.   We have manuals and details on all items.