Gear for sale: Small recording studio items

Pre-loved recording gear, used with care by the Queensland Narrating Service, but now surplus to requirements. Opportunity to pick up a bargain!

Information correct at 2018-02-07.  Prices shown supplied by QNS.

ItemNumber availablePrice
Behringer UB502 Eurorack mixer with PSU27$50 each
Behringer 2000s microphone8$20 each
Behringer 1800s microphone7$20 each
Da-Cappo DA12 headset mic2$240 each
Audio-Technica MIC ATM75 headset mic2$150 each
DigiDesign MBox 11$50
Tascam US-122 audio interface2$60 each
Telex XGen master audio cassette copier2$250 each
Telex XGen slave audio cassette copier2$250 each
12 x 5m TS M to XLR F cables
2 x 3m TS M to XLR F cables
1 x 1.5m TS M to XLR F cable
1 x 4m TS M to XLR F cable
All cables included in one bundle$80 for the bundle
13 x stereo RCA M to 1/8inch stereo mini jack M - assorted lengths
30 x stereo RCA M to stereo RCA M - assorted lengths
All cables included in one bundle$35 for the bundle

For information about this equipment and what is still available please contact the QNS by email at [email protected]