Join us: become a Member of Technorama Inc

The aims of Technorama centre around supporting the development and activities of Technologists in Community Broadcasting. If that’s something you’d care to support, we would love to have you as a member.

Currently there are two classes of Membership for Technorama.  Both have voting privileges and allow you to participate in the governance and management of Technorama Incorporated.

Select the correct Membership class

Just click on one of these links to begin your membership signup:

Station Delegate Member:   $10    You are a volunteer, staff member or direct associate of a community broadcaster, or have a non-commercial interest in the Sector.

Industry Supporter Member:   $25    You are not primarily a volunteer, staff member or direct associate of a community broadcaster.  This class of membership covers you if you are otherwise involved or have a commercial interest in the Sector.  You might be with a vendor, be staff of an industry body, or work for a commercial organisation.   Or you fall outside the category of “station delegate” but you want to support Technorama in a tangible way.   We’d love to have you.

How long does my membership last?

Membership is for one year, due for renewal on the anniversary of joining.

Is my organisation a member?

Technorama does not yet have an organisational class of membership, so no.   However we welcome individuals in an organisation to become members, and to represent their organisation as individuals.

Why become a member?

Because it’s one of the most important ways that you can show your support.   In return, we intend to return value which matches or exceeds the money you have invested.   Members receive discounts to Technorama events, may vote in Technorama affairs, and are eligible to be on Committee.   As we develop, you can look forward to the range of tangible member benefits being extended.

Technorama members will also gain access to member-only areas on our website as we build repositories of useful info.

And just in case our server is down at the one instant you desperately feel the need to apply  (you know, “break glass in case of emergency member application requirement“), here’s the emergency backup paper form.

Updated 190326