You are in the Technorama membership signup page – this is where you join as a new member.   If what you want to is renew, then either hover over the MEMBERSHIP button above and select MEMBER PORTAL or go here (to the same page).

To join as a new member, please fill in the fields below.  Some of the fields contain a hint, which is there to give you guidance.

When you have finished click the “Join Now” button at the very bottom of the page.

Important reminder:  Technorama has two classes of membership, and the full explanation is shown just following the signup questions.  The system might pre-select the wrong default membership class, so ensure that you pick the right class.

If you are with a station or contribute to sector technology in a volunteer capacity, you are probably a $10 member. 

If you are  active in the sector in any other capacity (peak body, association, provider, business, or just interested) you are probably a $25 member.


Once you click on “Join Now”, and the process completes, you will receive a confirmation email.