TR15 Technorama program grid

Friday 22 May
Fri1800-2000Fine Music 102.5Social night and station tour. Meet old friends, make new ones, and admire the station!
The address is 72-76 Chandos Street, St Leonards, about five minutes level walk from St Leonards Station. 9439-4777 if you get completely lost on the night.
Fri2000-lateDinner own arrangementsOn your own time. Your choice, your wallet, your friends (new or old)!
Saturday 23 May
Sat0815Registration openMeet at the Dougherty Community Centre and get badged
Sat0900Welcome, housekeeping, introductionsMeet the TeamTim Borgas, SACBA
John Maizels, Mangler of Ceremonies
Sat0915Intro to guest of honourVan Richards-SmithMeet our Special Guest
Sat0930Quicktips: techno topics and vox popsMeet each other, in a techno cross between speed-dating and hypothetical
Sat1000Quicktips: sources of cheap technology
Sat1015Morning tea
Sat1045Community Radio: where we are and where we're goingJon Bisset, CBAAA look at the community radio sector's collective vision for the future, presented by CBAA's CEO. Hear how community radio will be recognised as a key pillar in Australian broadcasting, as well as updates on new and ongoing CBAA initiatives and policy activities affecting the sector's technology community.
Sat1115EmPowerMent - off the gridPower is important. And expensive. Let's talk about solar, UPS, generators and transmission subsidies…
Sat1145A word from your sponsor: engaging with CBFJon King, John MaizelsA station reference model, grant application dos-and-don'ts, and scheduling-playout software: the study that's about to start
Sat1330Greenfields studio: what you learn when build from scratchVan Richards-Smith
Max Benyon
When the word comes to build, what's important? Do the words "walls", "aircon" and "desk-height" come to mind? Exposed: great ideas, and common pitfalls.
Sat1445Quicktips: Attracting newbiesThere are never enough volunteers to do the work, and even fewer trained people to take up the challenges. What are we doing to ensure there's a next generation?
Sat1500Afternoon tea
Sat1515Radio Website Services: life with online content made easyChris Johnson, AMRAPRWS is a modular suite of web widgets that can be deployed into your station's website to efficiently manage program and station content. The CBAA is also developing RWS Premium: a fully hosted website creator and content management system loaded with the full suite of RWS.
Sat1545How do you know if you're OK: lining up your stationCast of thousands
Sat1615What's new in techTim BorgasYou've heard about it - or maybe not - now see it. Tim brings out pieces of fascination and discovery.
Sat1645Technorama ToolsWhere are we going with Technorama and the TR Website
Sat1700Tech room timeSome time to check out the toys, talk shop, get info
Sat1700Wander round Chatswood: Experience Vivid!Visit the Vivid Sydney site at the Chatswood Mall
Sat1830-2200Gala dinner and quiz nightEat (on us), drink (BYO) and be merry (you pick how) at the Annual Technorama Gala Dinner
SatLateChatswood, on your own time. Drinks, go home, or not. Strange things happen after hours, so be careful because you're beyond our control.
Sunday 24 May
Sun0830Reregistration openBack at the Dougherty Community Centre (with badge)
Sun0900Housekeeping: What did we learn yesterday?Get your brain back into gear as day 2 of TR15 kicks off
Sun0915Quicktips: how's your phone?
Sun0930Tim's travels: the learnings from the road tripTim BorgasEarlier this year Tim Borgas did a study tour of stations in the nether blocks of SA. What can we learn?
Sun0945Monitoring and controlling your transmitterRay Zhai
Roger Melton
Nothing could be worse than going to the transmitter site to find out that the fault has cleared. Especially if the site is three hours away. What can you do that's smarter?
Sun1015Morning tea
Sun1030Forming TR Inc
Sun1045The OB and the signal pathJim ParishGetting your signal back to the ranch - what now? With the demise of analogue linking, what alternatives work, and what are the considerations?
Sun1115Approaching Station ITStephen WilkinsonIT: it's either the calm glue that binds operations together, or a hornets nest that causes grief and constrains creativity. Business IT and radio IT are not the same….
Sun1145The Network AnalyserMike TobinUsed to be expensive, and now is cheap. It's a clever device, and a valuable tool
Sun1215Quicktips: is a laptop the station of the future?
Sun1230Final Plenary
Sun1300TR15 Wrap (and stayers lunch)
Sun1330All over for 2015!!
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Technorama 2015 Program Grid

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