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Friday 22 July
Fri1800-2130Social night
Tours, mingling, meeting old friends, making new ones…
Fri2130-lateBar at Club? Your choice, your wallet, your friends (new or old)!
Saturday 23 July
08:30Registration open
09:00Welcome, housekeeping, introductionsMeet the Team
09:15Intro to guest of honourJames CridlandMeet our Special Guest
09:30Quicktips: techno topics and vox popsMeet each other, in a techno cross between speed-dating and Hypothetical
10:00Surprise session!
10:15Morning tea
10:45Community Radio: where we are and where we're goingJon Bisset, CBAAThe Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) is the sector's leader in research and advocacy. Attend this session to hear CEO Jon Bisset cover everything from the results of the recent Station Census for infrastructure and technology to the likely direction of the sector's regulatory model over the next few years, media consumption and technology trends, and what is expected to happen in terms of broadcast technology and funding. Jon will also share practical information and tips for how technologists can contribute to their stations, what stations need to do to support their technologists, and how the CBAA can help.
11:15Megatopic and keynote: Our guest of honour, James Cridland.James CridlandThe future of radio is a key driver for you: what decisions do you need to make, and why? James Cridland is one of the world’s foremost Radio Futurologists, looking at how technology changes the face of radio, and he’s all about sharing. James has promised to come loaded with enthusiasm and a kitbag of great ideas for you to take home.
12:30LunchServed in the Buffet area
13:30Tech Show and TellTim, John, and whoever else!Meet some tech toys that you must have, some you hadn't thought about, and some sources of bobbles that are worth knowing.
14:00Buy Swap Sell: kickstarting our own eBayJohn M, Damian SIt's eBay 3.0 - but targeted to the TR mission. Buy, swap, sell but mostly get what you want from people you can trust. By us for us!
14:15Dante - an introJim Parish, Sean PrichardThe leading global Audio-over-IP solution is written and produced by Audinate in downtown Ultimo. Find out why Dante has got such a good name and what it offers.
14:45Afternoon tea
15:00Regulatory framework and community broadcasting technologyFrank WilcoxWe don't live in isolation. What does it take to ensure that your technology meets the regulator's requirements, and how do you deal with the regulator?
15:30IT and stuff for small stationsTrent GeddesTrent Geddes focuses on what small stations can do, and how to make your budget stretch in the direction of the big boys.
16:00Winning CBF small equipment and technical grantsClaire StuchberyWhat is your best strategy for getting a CBF grant to support your technology mission, and does the new CBF structure change things?
16:30Technorama Inc: we exist - now what?Maiz/BoardTechnorama Inc has been formed, and we're inviting membership applications. The committee wants your thoughts and input on activities, services, fees, and the forthcoming AGM.
17:00Tech room timeSome time to check out the toys, talk shop, get info
18:30Gala dinner and quiz nightEat (on us), drink (your tab at the bar) and be merry (you pick how) at the Annual Technorama Gala Dinner.

Dinner will be served in the conference area.

Start getting your quiz-night table together now!
22:30Own time
Sunday 24 July
08:30Reregistration open
09:15Recap from day 1
09:30Network programming, CRNMartin WaltersThe CBAA's Community Radio Network service helps stations supplement local content with a range of nationally-relevant regular programs and segments, special series and one-off specials, including live festival broadcasts. As CRN's delivery capacity expandands it's a good time to reflect on how the he service can best support your station. Hosted by CRN Manager Martin Walters, this session will focus on where technology and programming intersect, and will ask delegates to contribute feedback and ideas to inform CRN planning and development.
The session handout is here.
10:00Station program automationRound-tableWhat is good, bad, state of the art, old hat, and highly suitable for use in Community Radio? So many choices. So many buttons. What works for you?
10:30Morning tea
10:45Transmission topic followon: what is a good transmission facility?Frank WilcoxBetween your studio and the listeners ears there is a transmitter. What represents a good facility, and how do you ensure it stays that way?
11:15Non-analogue linkingChris Deacon Landlines went many years back. And while analogue Studio Transmitter Links are still in use by many stations, there is pressure on the spectrum. What comes next?
11:45What's a good internet plan?Round-tableAnd when you make the switch to digital linking, what link do you use for the link? We discuss how stations use the internet to move signals around, and the ISPs who make it happen.
12:15Towards TR17: what are the hot topics?TR16 crew Don't forget to fill in the survey!
12:30Building Technorama - what needs to be done?TR Inc ChairFinal plenary on where Technorama should go, and what services we can offer to members and stations. We'll be as good as our ability to deliver. Your thoughts please!!
13:00TR16 Wrap and stayers lunchThe buffet is open until 1430, and it's Sunday lunchtime (note: at your own expense).
14:00All over for 2016!!And then we clear the room
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