Governance: Technorama Incorporated Rules and Legal Bits

Constitution and Rules

The Technorama Incorporated constitution is based on the model rules set provided by the NSW Department of Fair Trading.  An update to the model rules, creating a new constitution, was adopted by Members of Technorama on 19May2018 and was registered by NSW Fair Trading on 31May2018.

24Mar2023:  At the 2021-22 Annual General Meeting held on 22Mar2023, motions were passed amending the Constitution.

Although shown in draft status, the revised/updated Constitution is taken to be in force immediately, subject to final registration by NSW Fair Trading.  The first version (2023-03-24) of the amended Constitution and Rules of Technorama Incorporated is available for download.

Changes from the previous version of the Constitution are marked in colour.

As a reference, the 2018 version of the Constitution, as amended from the Model Rules, is available here for download.

Technorama Incorporated is a limited-liability not-for-profit membership organisation.   It was incorporated on 3July2015, and operates under the NSW Associations Incorporation Act 2009 and the subsidiary Associations Incorporation Regulation 2016.   Further information about NSW Associations law is available here.

Legal bits

Technorama Incorporated has an ABN:  26 469 202 335

Technorama Incorporated is not registered for GST.

Technorama Incorporated is registered as a Charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC) under the category: “Advancing education”

Technorama Incorporated does not have DGR status, and donations are not tax deductible.


Incorporation note:  Associations incorporated in NSW are not covered by registration processes of ASIC, although they may appear in lookups of ASIC corporate identities.