TR15 Travel and Transport

Cheap airfares and travel

All the airlines announce cheap airfares from time to time, and it’s worth checking frequently or getting yourself on their specials email lists.  It’s also worth checking for rail and bus bargains, especially from regional areas in Vic, NSW and Qld.   Aggregator websites (like Webjet) or large travel agency sites (like Flight Centre) can be useful for comparisons.   Don’t make assumptions about which airlines are cheapest – fares change, and cheap airlines have all kinds of additional charge options that might apply.   Qantas or Virgin could be cheaper than a loaded-up Jetstar or Tiger fare.

To Dougherty Community Centre

It’s under 10 minutes walk from the Chatswood Transport Interchange to the DCC.   A train from Sydney airport to Chatswood (with one easy transfer at Central) costs under $17, and takes about 40 minutes.

Taxi from Sydney Airport to Chatswood costs $70-90,  and takes from 25 minutes without traffic to an hour or more at peak times.

Oldphart tip

If you’re over 60, then NSW Senior travel is $2.50 for the day ANYWHERE on the train/bus/ferry network (with the exception of the airport platform surcharge).  Technically you’re required to have a NSW Seniors card, but nobody ever asks, and if you’re from interstate you can plead a bit.  Once you have a seniors day pass from the airport, the rest of your day’s travel is free.  You can actually get from Goulburn to Chatswood  by train for $2.50 and 3-4 hours, which is better value than driving.