Technorama Awards 2015

Now in their fourth year, these awards are about acknowledging the work of technologists within the community broadcasting sector. This year the categories are:

Technorama perpetual award

Technorama Lifetime Technical Contribution

Lifetime Technical Contribution To Community Broadcasting

Even though many community broadcasters don’t realise it, this sector runs on the work of the technologists. Without them, community broadcasting would never have got off the ground. This person may not be known widely to community broadcasters, they may not even be a community broadcaster, but when you look at the 40+ year history of community broadcasting in Australia, these nominees were the ones that made a real difference to community broadcasting in Australia.

Best Technological Contribution to a Community Station

While the first category is for someone whose work affected many stations, this award is focused on a technologist’s contribution to a single station. In some ways every technologist should be nominated for this award, so maybe it’s about not just keeping the station on-air, but rather it’s about sustained contribution or doing something that helps broadcasters at that station use the technology with ease.

Best Technological Innovation for a Community Station

Technologists all over the sector come up with the most amazing innovations that sometimes shouldn’t work, but often do – and very well. Things that are done in the commercial world for many tens of thousands of dollars, we will often do on a shoestring budget. This award probably isn’t about the most expensive installation, but rather the most innovative use of what the technician could get their hands on at the time to make a real difference to the broadcasters at that station.

How To Submit

We’d like you to give some thought towards putting in a nomination for one or more categories. You can nominate yourself or someone else, others can nominate you or someone else.

Send your entries via email to [email protected] with enough information for the judges to get a good idea about the nominee and their work – approximately 200 to 500 words would be good.  If you send pictures, keep the total email smaller than 10Meg in size otherwise it may be rejected.

Nominations must be received by us no later than Thursday 30th April 2015. We will acknowledge receipt of your submission. Do not assume your submission has been received unless you have received an acknowledgement from us.

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