Equipment for sale

The Queensland Narrating Service has given Technorama Inc. a list of equipment they have for sale.

Behringer 2000s microphone8
Behringer 1800s microphone7
Behringer Eurorack mixer27
Yamaha Audiogram 3 audio interface2
Tascam US-122 audio interface2
DENON DRM 595 single cassette deck7
DENON DRM 555 single cassette deck6
DENON DRW 840 double cassette deck1
DENON DRW 585 double cassette deck1
Marantz PMD 502 single cassette deck1
DigiDesign MBox 11
Audio-Technica MIC ATM75 headset mic2
Da-Cappo DA12 headset mic2
Telex XGen master cassette copier2
Telex XGen slave casette copier2

For information about this equipment and what is still available please contact the QNS by email at [email protected]