Technorama Resources

This page is for quick links to Technorama-related resources that you might find useful in your professional and Community Radio life. It will be updated from time to time.

We’re also about to load up all the presentations from TR17, and those will eventually be made available as a members-only resource from the TR Member site.   Watch for the announcement.


Selected resources

CBAA 2016

Technorama supported the CBAA at the 2016 Conference, with a panel titled “Future-proofing your broadcast technologists”.    The panel members and moderator all identify as technologists, but critically and atypically, three of the panel members are women.  Here are some excerpts from that session:

  • How to plant and grow technologists at your station – watch this talk from Technorama’s John Maizels.
  • How to maintain your station’s relationship with your technologists – listen to ABC’s Bernadette Young (note: link broken – has been reported to CBAA)
  • How do we (and how should we) recognise our community radio technologists? Listen to 3MBS’s Sharon E Eccles.
  • Supporting women in community radio technology – listen to Bernadette Young and Sharon E Eccles.

Holly Ransom’s CBAA 2016 plenary

The CBAA 2016 Conference kickoff was amazing.   Brian Nankervis’ keynote opening  was excellent, and was followed by one of the best plenary presentations ever.  Holly Ransom’s key points  – “start before you’re ready” and “embed your why in their why” might be two of the most valuable lessons ever – and especially important for technologists.

Brian Nankervis  Keynote Address
Holly Ransom  Opening Plenary:  Change is not a Dirty Word

The full “Plant and Grow”

Planting and Growing Technologists at Your Station   This is the presentation from CBAA 2008 in Alice Springs.  Includes an explanation of the Four Drivers of Technologists™, and a map to help you characterise fault reporting and callouts.