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What happened at Technorama 2015?

Technorama TR15 ran in Sydney from 22-24 May 2015.   At the final plenary delegates voted it to have been a huge success.   A trial program approach with shorter items worked extremely well, and gave delegates an opportunity to contribute strongly from the floor.  Our special Guest of Honour, Van Richards-Smith, led a discussion on studio and facility design, and reminded us of some important how-to-do lessons.  Extra thanks to attendees from ARFC, N-Com and Wireless Components who not only weighed in to debate as delegates, but also brought along some toys to show.

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Welcome to the sixth annual Technorama: TR15!   

Technorama is a grass-roots movement created to support technologists from Community Radio Stations all over Australia.   At the Technorama gathering each year, technologists meet and talk to share stories and experiences about their stations to help benefit others in the sector.

TR15 runs Saturday and Sunday of this weekend.  That’s right now!!

What’s on?  Amazing stuff!!

Full detail of the program is here: the program grid.

Technorama 2015 is being held at the Dougherty Community Centre in Chatswood, NSW.   The DCC is an excellent location, adjacent to shopping precincts, and close to the major Chatswood transport interchange (served by rail and bus).

Local knowledge tip:  it’s written “Dougherty” but pronounced “Dockerty”.  Yes, you will win a prize for getting that right, and the natives will regard you as a saint.

Registration: don’t delay – do it now.

Every ad for everything says “don’t wait”, but in this case it’s true:  places are actually limited; the Dougherty Centre will fill if enough people jump in, and you don’t want to find that out at the door.

Go to the registration page, fill in the form and then forward the fee.  That’s all it takes…

Meet the TR15 Guest of Honour – Van Richards-Smith

We’re very pleased that Australian broadcast technology legend Van Richards-Smith is going to leave the Queensland surf beaches to join us at TR15.  Read about Van here and come to TR ready to discuss great ways to engage with broadcast technology.

Getting around, hotels and stuff

See the Travel and Living page, or click the T&L menu link (at the top of the this page) for useful information on getting to Technorama, getting around Sydney, and where to stay when you arrive.  Late breaking:  try Airbnb if your hotel choices are out of reach.

Catch Vivid Sydney as a bonus

The story is here.  Vivid Sydney is a spectacular display of light as art, and part of it is a few minutes walk from TR HQ.


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