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Friday 16 June
0930-1700Education DayTR and Silicon Chip TeamIntroduction to the world of Small Board Computing: Raspberry Pi, Micromite and Arduino. Note: separate registration required: click here.
1830-2200Opening night:
Topaz Room
Food, a drink or two, and a choice movie: The Boat That Rocked. Technorama 2017 gets a social head start
2200-lateThe Bar, the Club, the Pub, the TV? Your choice, your wallet, your friends (new or old)!
Saturday 17 June
0815Registration desk opens
0900Welcome, housekeeping, introductionsJohn MaizelsMeet the Technorama team. Meet each other
Update on Technorama IncorporatedJohn MaizelsQuick report on the year's activities
Intro to our guest of honourSteve FarrugiaMeet our Special Guest - Technology Trends; how best can BA and Community Radio collaborate?
0930Infrastructure Grant Applications - a primerClaire StuchberyHow to improve the standard of your CBF infrastructure grant applications - Learn how to impress your peers with well researched, credible applications that will maximise your changes of securing those needed funds.
1015Morning tea
1045Community Radio Engineering Policy UpdateJon Bisset
David Sice
CBAA's CEO explains the implications of the recent funding announcements and the policy that goes with it. Get updates on regional DAB+ and the 800MHz bandplan amendments.
1130Maintaining a pristine broadcast chainFrank Wilcox, Jim Parish, Greg SegalWhat are some key issues associated with maintaining a quality service from studio to listener? How do you satisfy the important specs (frequency response, noise and distortion, pre-emphasis, modulation depth, processor settings, SWR and so on). We'll also consider backup STL and emergency program sources, and how to mitigate single points of failure.
1200Field reporting technology (panel), portable recording kitsModerated discussionRemote reporting sofware, Microphones for field interviews, Portable recorders, Mic interfacing with IOS, Android.
1330Guest of HonourSteve Farrugia
1445Broadcast site developmentMike TobinRusty tower? Ageing transmitter, high reflected power? Rats in the RF system? Here's what to consider in upgrading your RF facilities without spending a bomb.
1530Afternoon tea
1545Keeping in touch with your studio and transmitter siteRussell CoghlanSave on those hours of travel and maybe unnecessary service calls - use telemetry, remote desktop, and other easily available techniques. Access the station from anywhere in the world, avoid time-consuming travel to and from the stations for basic restoration of service. Remotely monitor important status (temperature, UPS, PSU and generator), and diagnose problems before the put you off the air: save your station time, money and volunteer angst.
1615The NBN rollout: networks, phones and OBsFrank WilcoxWhat happens to your telephony and data when the NBN comes to town? It's not as complex as people tell you, and there are simple things you can do to minimise the impact.
1645Tech Tips, What's new in techModerated discussionTech Tips session - free software, automation, IT hints, audio interfacing, planning new studio facilities, running your Mic On from the GPIO, cloud storage etc
1705Technorama ToolsetDamian Spanjer, Shaun DennisSuccessful strategies for station technology: what is Technorama using that can work for you at your station? If you still have a manual membership system and a paper fault book, you need this. Meet our favourite tools, and discover TRITS
1725Technorama Inc housekeepingJohn Maizels
1730Tech/vendor/self time
1830-2200Gala dinner, awards and quiz nightIn classic Technorama style: massive buffet dinner, several courses of trivia questions, the all-important Technorama Excellence in Technology Awards, and much conviviality. Not to be missed. Partners, guests and friends welcome (click here for registration form).
LateDrinks, go home… or not
Sunday 18 June
0830Registration open
0900Housekeeping: What did we learn yesterday?John MaizelsGet your brain back into gear as day 2 of TR17 kicks off
0915Broadcast IT planning, Content management and storageGreg Kelly * VLANs - what they are how they can be used effectively to configure your network setup for improved security and remote access to audio resources. How not to over-complicate your network. Includes case studies of what to do and what not to do.
* NAS/SAN/JBOD: How to keep those audio files organised, safe and backed up.
* And avoid ransomware.
1000Documenting your stationChris DeaconDo your techs, presenters, Board, and volunteers know where to find what they need to know? What's a best-of-breed, and what's a good start?
1015Morning tea
1030How to plan your studio relocationChris DeaconConsoles are sexy, but infrastructure is vital. Acoustic solutions, air conditioners, ON AIR lights and GPIOs, KVM extenders, in-studio fanless PCs, AoIP vs analog consoles, Dante, cabling
1100Advanced scheduling toolsMichael HayesFrom sponsorship sales to invoicing, scheduling, runsheet creation and playlist compiling - a way to do it all, and take the burden from a repetitive but vital task.
1130Automation software case studies (panel)Frank WilcoxA look at who's using what automation/live assist software and how it is being deployed.
1200OBs: the lifeblood of community broadcastingBrian KingPractical approaches to Outside Broadcasting and from several directions. OBs are not one-size-fits-all, and we explore alternatives to just about everything.
1230Final PlenaryJohn MaizelsWrapping up TR17, some decisions for TR18, and the go-forward for Technorama.
1300TR17 Wrap and stayers lunch
1400All over for 2017!!
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