Technorama Tuesdays – and let’s start with new studios

Ahead of TR23 in December, we’re back with three highly relevant TR Tuesday sessions.  Mark it in your diary right now:  second Tuesday each month through to end of the year.

We started with September, and the replay is available here.

Tuesday 12 September 1830 AEST

The theme for TR23 is “Building Your Next Facility”, so we kicked off with a look at some studio rebuilds that have happened recently.

Brian King has completed a major rebuild at 3ZZZ. In fact, Brian never stops as his Facebook page shows.  He’s replaced the central distribution and switching core with digital infrastructure, converted existing analogue studios to use digital distribution from the edges out, and has completed fitout of the large 3ZZZ studio to be fully digital and integrated with the core.

Mick Kerr is about to move 96five Brisbane to a new location, but ahead of the move the station had need to update one of the existing studios and Mick did that in a two-day blitz!

Ian McOwan recently completed a massive rework of two studios at Seymour FM, opened on 29 June of this year.

And because he never stops, Brian King has also recently completed a total overhaul of a studio at Plenty Valley FM in Melbourne.

In each situation we ask the questions:  what was the need, why did they do what they did, and how did it work out for everyone?

Four very different studio implementations for four completely different organisations – so what can we learn?

Join us and find out!  Watch the replay here.

Coming up in October and November

October:  Raspberry Pi: hands-on projects that you can use at your station.   On 10 October  Evan Wyatt and Terry O’Connor will take you through some working projects that can help you extend how your station works.   And we’ll also tell you about the upcoming Training Day at TR23 on Friday 1 December when you can get some hands-on experience with the Raspberry Pi platform.

November:  Stump The Chumps returns on Tuesday 14 November.  Our intrepid team will take your questions live.  You get to throw the curly ones at the panel, let’s how well they know their stuff.

Timing reminder:  the October and November sessions will start at 1830 AEDT (yes, Technorama-land will be on Daylight Saving)

Got questions?

Drop a line to [email protected] and we’ll do what we can to help.

Are Technorama Tuesdays open to everyone to attend?

Absolutely.   There’s no charge to attend, and the registration links will be via this page and the CMTO website.

So put the dates in your diary, bookmark this page, and come back to the site as each date gets closer.