Technorama TR22_Road: last stop Melbourne 8 October!

TR22_Road Melbourne kicks off in

Technorama hits the highway!

After two years of pandemic absence, the Technorama Conference is back in force and with an exciting twist. This year, we’re bringing TR22 to you!

Catch us for our one-day technology extravaganza TR22_Road which will be in  Melbourne on Saturday 8 October 2022.

This year we focus on outreach to new and budding technologists throughout the sector,  helping you to build connections and mentoring relationships with experienced broadcast technologists.

Sydney was rated as a huge success, with unanimous praise on 17 September for the program and opportunity to get back together.   Brisbane was the same; great to be back in the swim, and with experienced hands and newbs telling us that they learned something new.  Can’t ask better than that.


Check the Melbourne program outline here.

The way that we interact with technology is changing.  With that, so is the definition of what skills make a technologist. You may already be a technologist without even knowing!

The TR22 Roadshow program aims to build on the skillset you currently have, at whatever level.  Our aim is to ensure that, when you walk out the door, you will feel more confident in your understanding and approach to implementing technology solutions across your station.

In this year’s program, we will take you though tech fundamentals, including studio basics, broadcast chain, station IT, what’s important to know about transmission, and much more.

We will also highlight successful paths to grant writing, what’s available in further tech education, our mentorship program, and how to engage and build your tech team.

There truly is something for everyone, and we can’t wait to see you there!


Who should attend?

TR22_Road is everyone who deals with tech.  You just need to be interested in broadcast technology, and how we support the tech operations of community broadcasting.  You could be tech, creative or management.  You might be volunteer or staff; an experienced broadcast technologist or a new hand; and you might even be a complete beginner who wants to get a start.  This is an event that will be inclusive from the ground up.

We’re bringing the show into three metro areas, so if you’re a technologist in Sydney,  Brisbane or Melbourne don’t lose the chance to attend in your home town.

What if you’re far from Melbourne?

No problem.  We’d like to be everywhere, but that’s not possible, and we’re definitely committed to making attendance easy for participants from further afield and out of town.  The availability of multiple venues this year gives you a better range (and hopefully cheaper choice) of travel options.

People travelled over 300km to get to Sydney, and similar 3 hour runs to Brisbane, then rated the experience as absolutely justified and great value.


Yes, we have some!  On the day you can grab a Technorama mug, or the very popular Technorama 7-bit screwdriver set for $10 each.  Hey, you can buy more than one of each if you like – they make great presents.

Hotels and overnights

The program has been designed so that most attendees don’t have to stay overnight – and that helps heaps with costs.  And for those of you who do want to stay overnight, we’ve deliberately located ourselves away from major cost centres.

We don’t have preconfirmed hotels or accommodation this year, but if you want to travel from further away we will definitely do what we can to help.  There are relatively low-cost options available in each location, and all of the venues are accessible via convenient public transport.

Unsurprisingly, everything we knew about hotel pricing has changed completely since the start of the COVID era.  Our best advice is that if you find a hotel/airbnb/crashpad that works for you: lock it in right away and let us know if there is a good deal that might apply to others.

We will add some hotel pointer pages soon, so watch this space.

Can you attend remotely?

At this stage, no.  We do not have plans in place to provide video or audio connection, and the event is being heavily geared to a live experience.  Whilst we are investigating the possibility of making a recording, this is not guaranteed and might not happen.

We have some limited ability to help remote or attendees, especially if you fall into the categories of youth or gender-diverse.  Contact us via [email protected] if you would like to discuss this.

What’s in it for you?

The TR22_Road program covers what you need to know to be a valuable member of a tech team in your station, and gives you direct access to three of the most significant sector bodies:  CBF, CMTO and CBAA.  We’ve crafted the schedule to ensure you get solid networking time, and many of the participants will be available for a social chat on the night before and the evening following the Saturday TR22_Road event.

This is a rare opportunity to interact with your peers, with experienced techs, and with key Sector influencers.

What does it cost?

Check the registration form for the list of rates.  It’s the same in all locations:  members of Technorama get the best rate (at a $15 discount, so it pays to be a member), and there is an earlybird rate for each location that turns off two weeks before the event.

If you’re involved with a station and you’re quick you could attend TR22 for as little as $50.  The fee is just a touch more for industry supporters and commercial organisations.

What will you get?

The registration fee covers the full program, refreshments (breaks, lunch, and tea/coffee), and a post-event happy-hour.  Plus you’ll get a boost to your standing in the community, and you’ll swell your list of contacts within the sector.


Who will you meet?

The core team for TR22_Road is Technorama Board members John Maizels, Hannah Murray, Stephen Wilkinson and Josh Pearson.  You can read all about them and find out who they are on the Technorama Board page.  Depending on the location, the group will be joined by Cameron Paine, Mick Kerr, Ren Cuttriss, and from our partner bodies (CBF, CMTO and CBAA) representatives including Sector CEOs Jon Bisset, Jo Curtin, and Giordana Caputo.  Schedules will be updated as we get closer to each of the events.

Don’t wait.  Do it now!

With a killer program, we’re pretty sure this is going to sell out.  So pick your location, find the matching  registration button, and strike while the iron is hot.

Registration is secure and quick.   We take credit card or PayPal, and BNPL is possible.

Days left to TR22_Road Melbourne

Register for Melbourne:  Saturday 8 October

Click here to go to the TR22_Road MEL registration page and lock in your place for TR22_Road MEL.