2022 Midyear Stump the Chumps: Tuesday 12 July at 1830 AEST


With COVID-19 finally being less of a thing, we at Technorama are in advanced stages of planning events for the coming year. 

First off the bat is Stump The Chumps, where we tackle the interesting, hard, silly, annoying and downright intriguing questions – and we do it live, without a safety net.  Our ChumpStumpers know no boundaries, and no question is too insane for us to have a go.

The the team of experts is back – chumps who between them might know absolutely everything or completely nothing – and we’ve tasked them with answering your questions. You set the level of difficulty.   We’re so confident that our chumps are up for the challenge that we’re not going to put a restriction on the questions.   As always, we expect surprises and we’re definitely out to have some fun!  Can you ask a question that we can’t answer?

On Tuesday 12 July at 1830 AEST bring your curiosity, your musings and your black holes, and join Alastair Reynolds with Stephen Wilkinson and moderator John Maizels, and announcing a return of special guest Chump: Cameron Paine 

Stump The Chumps!

John Maizels

Stephen Wilkinson

Alastair Reynolds

Cameron Paine

We’re doing the show live, just like they do on the talkback radio.  Between your questions we’ll riff about techo stuff that interests us, and for good measure we’ll cover some topics pulled from the Technorama Q&A group.

Be ready to join us on the night.

No technical topic will be off limits:  studios, transmitters, antennas, links, remote power,  old hardware, obscure audio devices, building projects, weird networking and how to get your station’s presenters to behave.  These are just some of the areas that we’re ready to have a go at.   Maybe even a non-technical item or two, for good measure.

How do you get involved?

Click here to register – simple and painless!

As usual this one is on Zoom Webinar but we’ll always have the ability to open your your cameras and mic if the question is good enough!

Send your question in advance and beat the rush?

Sure, why not.   Drop a line to [email protected]

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