Technorama 2020 Annual General Meeting: election and candidate information

AGM Election nomination details

At time set for close of nominations for elections at the 2020 Technorama Annual General Meeting, the following candidates had lodged nominations:

Standing for Ordinary Committee member:

  • Ren Cuttriss
  • Michael Tobin
  • Frank Wilcox

Standing for President:

  • John Maizels

Standing for Secretary:

  • Hannah Murray

Note:  because there was only one nomination for President and one nomination for Secretary, these positions will be declared elected and the candidates do not appear on the ballot paper.

Personalised electronic voting information will be sent directly to each member of Technorama who is financial and in good standing.

Tim Borgas – Returning Officer


Candidate information

The following information has been supplied by the candidates to help you make your decision.

Ren Cuttriss

I have been involved in the world of community broadcasting for six years at 3MDR in Melbourne, before that I worked for many years in the areas of homelessness and education. I am passionate about our community and working with volunteers, having volunteered for all of my adult life, and being able to combine these with my love of music and the arts is a dream come true!! I am 3MDR’s Engagement Co- Ordinator, which is a wonderfully vague role, and basically means I get to do anything ‘engaging’ at the station. This usually encompasses sponsorship, training, community engagement, digital marketing, volunteer management and everything in between. I have tried my hand at presenting a show, but didn’t love it, so I have moved into co-producing a show, concentrating on booking musicians (we have live music on every week) and using social media to grow the audience for both the show and the musos. I have also joined the technical team at 3MDR, and am loving the opportunities and challenges this is throwing at me!


Michael Tobin

I have been a member of Technorama since the formation of TSC (Technical Standing Committee). I hold a dual Diploma of Education and Diploma of Training and wish to continue to assist in passing on my expertise in the RF fields.


Frank Wilcox

I have been in Commercial radio since 1972 – that’s 48 years.  During that time, I have been extremely involved in all aspects of the Radio Industry. I have been on air – running a successful breakfast shift for almost 10 years. Then I became a Radio Engineer and cut my teeth in Country Radio in NSW.  Then came stints as Macquarie Radio Network Chief Engineer in Canberra, SEA FM on the Gold Coast, Triple M in Melbourne, and Gold and TT FM in Melbourne. I then moved up the ‘pecking order’ and became Group Chief Engineer of the Australian Radio Network – responsible for the new studios at North Ryde; Group Chief Engineer of the Macquarie Radio Network, then moved to New Zealand where I was Group Chief Engineer of The Radio Network of New Zealand.

We returned to Australia in 2013 and I got a job as technician for Southern Cross Austereo in Mount Gambier – where we moved to because of family commitments.  Since then I have also been heavily involved in both our local community station – 5GTR FM, Technorama and the CBF as an assessor

If I am elected, I will continue to contribute as much as I am able to ensure that we, as an organisation, continue to support the vital community radio family of Australia in any way that we can.


John Maizels

If you choose me as your President, this will be my last term in the role as the constitution requires me to time out at the end of the term.  There is still so much to do.  Over my last term, Technorama has transitioned to being an integral part of the Community Broadcasting Sector.  We have a strong reputation for running events, and we have shown that it’s possible to break down barriers.  We are driving the training agenda for media teachnologists, and our Q&A group is regarded as  In the next two years I would like Technorama to expand member services, further increase participation of non-traditional demographics (women, first-nations peoples, youth), and focus on restoring the culture and skills needed to build and fix gear in your station.  With your support, these things can happen!


Hannah Murray

Since joining Technorama in December 2019, I have coordinated the Technorama Tuesdays Webinar Series and led the organisation of speakers and content for the Technorama 2020 Virtual Conference (TR20V). I am passionate about creating and developing opportunities for aspiring and established Broadcast Technicians to up-skill, share knowledge, and discuss what’s new in technology within the Community Broadcasting Sector. I am particularly focused on engaging with people new to the field and helping to generate interest in the Broadcast Tech sector. If elected into the Secretary role, I will continue to implement and push positive change and growth in the sector.

2019 Election note

The revised Constitution adopted by Technorama in 2018 changed the way executive and ordinary committee members were elected, to ensure a better succession planning process than was provided by the Model Constitution under which Technorama was formed.

The 2018 Constitution specifies a process for electing committee members for two year terms, with half of the committee and half of the executive retiring at each election (see right at the top of this page for a description of the election cadence).

The Constitution also provides for a process to handle any ambiguities when positions are combined or split, and what to do when a committee member retires early.

In 2019, a plausible but unexpected series of events occurred:

  • Secretary and Treasurer were combined for that year, necessitating election of an additional ordinary committee member for a one-year term
  • a committee member due to retire n 2020 retired just before the AGM, necessitating election of a committee member for a one-year term, and
  • three committee members retired in rotation, necessitating election of  three committee members for two-year terms, and
  • the number of nominees exactly matched the number of candidates, resulting in no election being required.

This created an unusual confluence, in which there was no clear way to determine which of the newly elected candidates would be appointed for the one-and two-year terms.  Section 14.5C of the Constitution provides for this situation, requiring committee members to either agree among themselves as to terms, or for the matter to be decided by drawing lots.  Ultimately everyone agreed to test the drawing lots process.  This occurred on 30 August 2020.

The result was:

  • Trent Geddes, Chris Deacon, Stephen Wilkinson were allocated a two-year term, serving until the 2021 AGM, when they will be eligible for reelection
  • Mike Tobin and Frank Wilcox were allocated a one-year term, serving until the 2020 AGM, when they will be eligible for reelection.

Following the AGM, Julie Spencer (whose position was not due for re-election until 2020) retired from the committee early.  Hannah Murray was appointed to fill the casual vacancy created by Julie’s early retirement.  Hannah retires at the 2020 AGM and is eligible to stand for election.

Also at the 2020 Annual General Meeting, the Secretary and Treasurer positions are being unbundled.

Therefore, as per the rules stated at the top of this page and being an even year, the 2020 AGM will elect a President, Secretary, and two ordinary committee members.