Get 50% discount to CBAA 2020 (TR members and friends offer!)

Running from 28-31 October, CBAA 2020 is being fully virtualised.  The pricing is pretty keen for a four day event:  $15 for individual sessions, or $75 for the full gig. At those prices, you’d be silly to not attend and stay across what’s happening in the sector.

But wait – there’s more.

In conjunction with CBAA we’re able to pass on an offer to members and friends of Technorama: a 50% discount on the full registration fee.  Do the math: you get four days of sessions for slightly more than the price of attending two.  That’s more dramatic than a rewrite of Ohms Law!

To get the offer, click this link. and sign up now before they change their minds!


  • you’re “a friend” if you’re reading this, whether you’re a member or not… but
  • you’re an even better friend if you’re a Technorama member.  And if you’re not, and since this offer saves you $35 at CBAA, how about you spend $10 and join Technorama right now?

Big thanks to our partner CBAA for their support of Technorama and the sector.

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