TR20V: Start your logon here

This is the start-here page for TR20V.

The first time you log in to the system you will create a system userid, which is the same as the email address you used to register.  Once you are logged in securely, you are automatically authorised for access to Discord, Grenadine, Zoom, and any other secured process for TR20V.

You have registered with Gumroad – yes?

If you have not registered for the event, none of this will work.  In particular, you won’t be sent an email.  You also won’t be told that the process has failed.   The message is:  register with Gumroad via the link (or another link if that’s been provided).  Wait 10 minutes.  Then continue with the next section.

The first-time login steps are:

1) Click the login link below, at the heading “OK, do it!”  (not yet, though, read the rest of the steps first).  The logon screen asks for username and password, and you don’t have either of those yet.  Your  username will be set to the email address you provided to Gumroad.   So your next step is:
2) Click Forgot your password?
3) You will now be asked for your userid.  Enter your email address and click Send Email
4) Go to your email (check spam if it doesn’t show up).  If the email doesn’t show up immediately, wait a bit.

The email process is generally quick, but if you step (3) too soon after taking out the membership, you won’t get a response, because the registration has not been ingested.  If you’ve had no response in 15 minutes try requesting the link again.  If you try the re-request too soon and the first request arrives, the link in the first email will then be invalid.

5) Open the email and click the link that’s inside
6) Enter your new password and click to save it.
7) The next page will contain a login box and a Discord button.  Click the Discord button to link your Discord account with the event.
8) Login to Discord if necessary
9) Click Authorize
10) On the next page click the link to come back to Technorama

OK, do it!

Now click this link and head to the TR20V login page.


After you have logged on, you may go to Discord and explore the space.  If it makes no sense to you, then no problem: we will explain that during the first session.

Now go to Grenadine

This step is important.  The schedule for TR20V and all the links exist in Grenadine.  The Zoom link for the first session (“Introductions”) is always visible inside the first item, so you’re going to be able to get to that session whether you’ve successfully logged on or not.  But after the first break you will need to be logged on to Grenadine.  Here’s the good news: your userid has been automatically created if you’ve done the password step.

Authenticating with Grenadine

Click the Grenadine Log In button (top right on this page) and click the blue Conzealand button to get to log on.  Enter your email address and the password.   You will be logged on to Grenadine.  Come back to the Grenadine page, refresh, and voila: you should now be able to see blue Zoom buttons in all the sessions.

The good news: you only have to do this once.   And you haven’t been asked to pay at all!