Breaking news: TR20 location and Guest of Honour announced

Technorama TR20 will be held at the Oaks Toowoomba Hotel, a boutique location with over 130 guest rooms and a large modern conference centre.   Although the complex doesn’t open until 18 April, we’ve visited it several times – it’s exciting, and the rooms are more impressive than at any TR conference location to date.

You can check out the room details on the Oaks website, but don’t book yet:  there are plenty of rooms and we will have a special code available to get you a special TR20 rate.

Today we’re also announcing that the TR20 Special Guest of Honour is Stephen Dunifer, founder of Free Radio Berkeley.  Stephen led the establishment of the micropower FM movement in the US.   Today, Stephen Dunifer designs and builds FM transmitters aimed at the low-power market (under 600W – the US has a different idea of what “low power” and “micro power” means), and regularly runs classes to teach communities how to get on air.  If you’d like a taste of his products, check here.

Registration for TR20 has been held back, pending the final negotiations for our venue.   We expect online TR20 registration to open this weekend, and if you’re on our mailing list we’ll send you an email as soon as registration is unleashed.

Not sure if you’re on the mailing list?   If you’re a member, then you are.  If you’re not a member, don’t forget that members get a $15 discount on registration and you can join online.  But if that doesn’t suit, just fill in the form on the home-page to be added to our general information list.