Stump the Chumps!!

There are questions that are difficult, there are questions that are tough, and there are questions that are ludicrously obscure.   Our Technoramans are up for the challenge.

We’ve assembled a team of experts who between them might know everything or nothing, and challenged them to answer your questions – without a safety net.   We’re so confident that they’re up for the challenge that we’re not even going to put a restriction on the questions.   Above all, we expect this to be surprising and fun!

On Tuesday 2 July at 1830 bring your curiosity, your musings and your black holes, and join Evan Wyatt, Greg Segal, Stephen Wilkinson with moderator John Maizels for

Stump The Chumps!!

John Maizels

Stephen Wilkinson

Greg Segal

Evan Wyatt

We’re doing the show live, just like they do on the talkback radio.  Between your questions we’ll riff about techo stuff that interests us, and for good measure we’ll cover some topics pulled from the Technorama Q&A group.

Put Tuesday 2 July at 1830 in your diary, and be ready to join us.

No technical topic will be off limits:  studios, transmitters, antennas, links, remote power, old hardware, obscure audio devices, building projects, weird networking and how to get your station’s presenters to behave:  these are just some of the areas that we’re ready to have a go at.   Maybe even a non-technical item or two, for good measure.

How do you get involved?

Register right now by clicking here.

We’ll be using the Zoom platform, and we’ll be opening cameras and mics just for additional entertainment value.

Would you like to send a question in advance?

Sure, why not.   Drop a line to [email protected]

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