FLASH: Train works Saturday and Sunday

We’ve just become aware that the airport line will be closed from first train Saturday until last train Sunday.   It’s very annoying and we can only apologise, but CityRail did not consult with us before putting the works in place.

Important note:  trains ARE running from Central to Campbelltown.  However the actual airport terminal services will be operated by interchange bus.

There is zero impact if you are arriving on Friday or earlier.

A Saturday or Sunday trip in either direction will take around 90 minutes instead of 45 minutes, and will involve a bus/train interchange.

What this means

Travel between the airport and Campbelltown will be via Central, with connecting buses running regularly between the airport and Central.   The bus alternative, and how to find it, will be well signposted, and is a well-oiled (if slower) machine.

The return service from Campbelltown alternates between via-Central-plus-one-bus (leave from Campbelltown platform 1), and via-Glenfield-plus-two-buses (leave from Campbelltown platform 2).  Best solution is time your return to take the Platform 1 option.

In either direction, the train runs directly to and from Campbelltown once you are on it.

Coming on Saturday?

Anyone coming to Technorama by on Saturday or Sunday should allow about 45 minutes longer for the transfer to or from Campbelltown.

Where do you find information?

If you have a smartphone, then the best app is Tripview which will painlessly expose the schedule.  If you don’t want to pay, the Tripview Lite version is free and fully working but doesn’t store trips.  Alternatively, you can use Transport NSW’s website to plan your trip.

And if you’ve read this far:  the good news!

There is a silver lining.   Because you’re not using the actual airport platform, you avoid the $14.30 airport gate charge in each direction.  Mathematically, your additional 45 minutes of pain in each direction works out to have saved you roughly $19/hour.   Please don’t spend it all at once.  🙂