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Friday 3 May
0930-1700Education DayTricks of Project Management for TechnologistsThe professional project management intro class in one day. Note: separate registration required: click here.
1830-2000Opening night:
Opal/Emerald Room
Canapes, a drink or two, and the meet and greet. If you're still hungry:
plenty of choice in Campbelltown.
2000-lateThe Bar, the Club, the Pub, the TV? Your choice, your wallet, your friends (new or old)!
Saturday 4 May
0815Registration desk opens
0900Everyone settle
0905Welcome, housekeeping, introductionsPresidentMeet the Technorama team. Meet each other
Update on Technorama IncorporatedPresidentQuick report on the year's activities
Intro to our guest of honourRichard FlemingMeet our Special Guest - find out what his special subject is!
0935What's new in the SectorJon Bisset - CBAAChanges, policy, the new view and some exciting projects
1005It's a secretJohn MaizelsWe said there would be surprises.
This will be one.
1015Morning tea
1045CMTOHeli NewtonSome exciting new training offerings which will help with tech at your station.
1105First Nations MediaClaire StuchberyTech in the outback - a different world
1125View from the CBFAlly NewtonGrants, grants, grants. Lifeblood of tech - what's the current state of play?
1145The Newsroom project: what it means for your stationJon BissetA national news system that big and small stations can use in oh, so many ways.
1205DDNDan CallaghanStrange hardware has started appearing at stations. What does it mean?
1400Guest of HonourRichard Fleming
1515The amazing world of CBF AssessorsAlly NewtonLearn how to write the world's best grant applications: become an Assessor!!
1530Afternoon tea
1550Rebuilding the station - a case studyDaryl SmithFrom the old to the new: the complete studio refit at a Sydney submetro
1615Training your techs: learning on steroids (Panel)Emma Couch and friendsBuild a Top Gun Tech Team. We share some secrets: what training exists, how to encourage learning, how a team can add value to the station, and what resources exist to help you, and why you shouldn't be afraid of succession planning.
1715From the bunch of tools to integrated platformJosh PearsonTechnorama just transitioned from Dropbox, Desktop Office, CPanel email and many other bolt-ons to FREE Microsoft everything. Why/How/When and what happened.
1725Wrapping up the day: Vote for Sunday morning's topics
1730Tech/vendor/self timeOn-Air Solutions, AVW, Broadcast Components,
Orquest, Agile and AVC all await your questions.
1830-2200Gala dinner, awards and quiz nightIn classic Technorama style: massive buffet dinner, several courses of trivia questions, the all-important Technorama Excellence in Technology Awards, and much conviviality. Not to be missed. Partners, guests and friends welcome (click here for registration form).
LateDrinks, go home… or not
Sunday 18 June
0830Registration open
0900Housekeeping: What did we learn yesterday?Get your brain back into gear as day 2 of TR19 kicks off
0905The UnConference takes over. Break into your interest areaOpal Room, Emerald Room, Jade Room, Topaz Room
1020Morning tea
1040Stuff and topics from Q&A - community discussionA review of some of the interesting topics, learnings, and unanswered questions. Plus your new questions.
1125Embrace the mission - how to Manage UpFacilitated by Giordy CaputoHave you ever had the experience "the board treats me like crap - and I'm a member!"? Some simple steps to taking control and doing the right thing. It's exciting.
1225Final plenary:
Technorama projects and the wrap.
The TeamWell: what just happened?
We wrap the weekend and look forward.
1300All over for 2019!!TR19 Wrap and stayers lunchHelp us clear the room - please!!
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