The Changing Face of Links

What’s on?

This month’s Technorama Tuesdays Webinar is another geek-mode episode.   We talk detail and answer your tough questions.  This time:  links, and how to get the best out of them.  Whether you’re connecting an OB, or feeding program to the transmitter, we have some interesting answers.

Who’s this webinar for?

This one is for technologists and people who want to get into the weeds or ask the super-technical questions.   As always, we also welcome managers, programmers, presenters, and anyone who is responsible for keeping the automation system sounding good.

What will we cover?

In this free 1-hr online learning experience you’ll:

  • hear from people who have burnt their fingers so you don’t have to
  • get the gospel on what is (and isn’t) happening on the 850Mhz band, and what it takes to renew or get a licence (yes, we talked to the ACMA!)
  • learn about digital devices and whether they are better or worse than analogue
  • be given useful information about link integration, and what difference a digital link might make to your presenters
  • be able to ask questions and get suggestions from some serious systems experts

This Technorama Training Tuesday webinar will be presented by Mike Tobin and will be moderated by John Maizels.  Plus a team of experts waiting in the wings.

When is it?

Tuesday 30 April 2019 at 18:30  (that’s 6:30PM) Australian Eastern Standard Time.

How do I sign up?

Easy:  click here.


Nothing more than an hour of your time on a Tuesday night.

Our presenter

Mike Tobin  is a broadcaster and technologist of more than 40 years standing.  He’s installed links of all types in all kinds of locations, and knows a thing or two about antennas and feeders.

Additional reading

Check out this story here on the truth about changes to the 850MHz SOB blocks.

Read this article about the 850MHz Restack.

Technorama Tuesdays is an initiative of Technorama Incorporated, and is supported by the Community Media Training Organisation.