Rydges Campbelltown: 72 hour flash sale came and went

16 April 2019: Despite no dates on the website, Rydges really did mean 72 hours.  The sale is over.

We’re still working on better deals, but word on the street is: book now.   A better deal might not come, and if it does you can generally change.

What you missed:

14 April 2019: yesterday Rydges kicked off a 72-hour Flash Sale across their network.

During the sale, rooms are a flat rate $117/night (ie: the discount $130 rate, less 10% for Priority Guest Rewards members – and there’s no reason not to be a PGR member).

The catch is that it’s pay in full, in advance,.  Not normally something that we’d recommend, but this close to the event it should be low risk.   Plus you save around $50/night on the rack rate at the best and closest hotel.

Two warnings for their website:

  1. make sure you really do get the discount before you commit.  The Rydges website is confusing, and even if you think you’re logged on, you might not be.   Check the final rate before committing.
  2. book at Campbelltown, not Camperdown.  You don’t want to get that one wrong.

Earlier on 14 April Trivago said that there were only 8 rooms at that rate, and booking.com shows “high demand”.   Given the way that aggregator sites work, that might or might not be fake news.

The Rydges website cleverly avoids saying when the 72 hours starts and ends, so you might have another 48 hours…  or you might have more time, or you might have less.  Just assume the deal won’t last forever.   Be quick.

By the way, this is really great news.  If you were following Rydges website, their “Easter Sale” had two months of discount that finished THREE DAYS before TR19.   Josh tried hard to get Rydges to cut us a break and extend the discount one week, to no avail.   Ironically this deal is significantly better than anything we’d expected or have seen, so things have worked out.