Lining up your ducks: Project Management for beginners

This year we’re focusing a bit on Project Management.  Why?

Because the basics are easy to learn, we have several recognised experts on our team and, once you get the hang of formal project management technique, life can be so much easier.

This month’s Technorama Tuesdays Webinar will introduce you to the basics of Project Management and give you a leg-up on skills that can be life-changing.

Who’s this webinar for?

Anyone – managers, technologists, committee, rank beginners, old hands.   Julie will take you through from basics to what happens at the big end of town.

What will we cover?

In this free 1-hr online learning experience you’ll get the basic why/where/how/who and with what about project management.   With a bit of luck we’ll start you on the road to thinking “critical path” and dependencies.  Project management can help you with all kinds of activities, from OB to studio rebuild to making scones.

When is it?

Tuesday 26 March 2019 at 18:30  (that’s 6:30PM) Australian Eastern Daylight Time.

How do I get more detail and sign up?

Easy:  click here.


Nothing more than an hour of your time on a Tuesday night.

Our presenter

Julie Spencer is a senior broadcasting engineer with experience in community and public broadcasting. She is very much hands-on, with an impressive range of career credits. Julie has formal qualifications in project management as a practitioner and trainer, and will deliver a full-day training class for Technorama at the TR19 Education Day.

Technorama Tuesdays is an initiative of Technorama Incorporated, and is supported by the Community Media Training Organisation.