TR19 Travel: Getting there is half the fun

Travelling to TR19 

What you need to know:  TR19 starts with the evening function from 1830 on Friday 3rd, and you will need to be at Campbelltown RSL by then (or plan to drive a bit).  So if you’re not planning to sign up for the education session, ensure that you can arrive in Sydney around 1530 and you’ll have no trouble getting to Campelltown by train, to your hotel and then the RSL by 1830.  We take care of arrangements after that. 

You’ll be away from TR19 in time to catch a 1530 flight from Mascot on Sunday 5th.  Or stay around! 

Those registering for the education event on Friday 3 May:  you need to be ready to start at 0930, and our recommendation is to come in the night before.   Plan travel accordingly. 

To Technorama by rail 

You can get from Sydney Airport (any terminal) to Campbelltown without changing trains and it will take between 41 and 53 minutes depending on time of day.  There are four trains an hour. 

Trains from Central to Campbelltown take about 55 minutes, and there will be between 3 and 8 trains an hour depending on when you travel. It will take you less than 10 minutes to walk up the hill from the station to the RSL, and way faster going back.   It’s under 15 minutes walk from the station to either Rydges or Maclin. 

To Technorama by road 

Campbelltown is an hour out of Sydney on the Hume Highway.   Best advice is to use a navigation tool, but even without one it’s really easy to find the RSL:  just at the eastern edge of the Campbelltown CBD.   Reminder that there is a carpark at the RSL, and delegates get free all-day in/out access.  

To Sydney by air

Keep an eye here.   We’re looking at options for air travel from interstate.   Best trick we know is to use matrix to find potential flights, but then book directly with your chosen airline – or, and this still works, talk to a travel agent.