TR19 Housing, Hotels

Where can you stay? 


This linkwill take you to Google Maps for the area, on the Technorama dates.  Google Maps will start with hotels that exist, and then open up to show all hotels, some of which don’t have accommodation – that’s the cocktail icon. 

This year: use the Web 

We contacted a number of hotels in the area, and the advice is the same:  check the aggregator websites (Wotif, Trivago,, etc) for general pricing, but BOOK DIRECT with the property for best pricing (and see below for specifics against some of the hotels).    Aggregator rates will most likely be higher than or the same as the hotel-direct rates and, while the hotels can’t say this, they can give you a better deal if you book direct.    Let us know if you find an amazing deal, and we will update this page. 

The TR19 committee has identified our booking with Rydges and Maclin who will recognise that you are with Technorama.  

The most important thing to do is book now, and hunt around a little when you do.  You might still do better on the web with a bit of checking, and last year one of the hotels had an amazing deal that came in after we’d negotiated the rate – and we were able to switch rates after making the booking. 

All hotels in the area have no-charge parking, and the RSL has no-charge parking for delegates. 

Negotiated hotels 

We have negotiated availability with the two properties which are closest to the Campbelltown RSL, and which are still walkable from both the RSL and the railway station. 

Rydges Campbelltown Sydney 

Rydges Campbelltown  is about 12 minutes walk south of the RSL.   To get the best rate with Rydges, join their Priority Guest Rewards program, which you can do at no charge online – giving you an immediate 10% discount.  PGR members get additional discounts and benefits which might be useful during your stay, so it’s worth doing.  We’ve also noticed that PGR runs specials which can be quite compelling, and that checking in from time to time can uncover a cheaper rate or a deal (eg: “breakfast included” has appeared in the past).

Once you’ve joined PGR, use the website to book.   Make sure you select Campbelltown, enter the start/end dates, and click “BOOK NOW”, which will show you the rates. 

Our link doesn’t take you to the TR19 dates but, once you’ve made a query, your browser will remember the dates.

Note:  there is  a “Rydges Camperdown” hotel.  It’s not the one you want, and take care to not confuse the similar names or book the wrong place. 

Maclin Lodge 

The Maclin Lodge Motel  has pleasant rooms at good rates, and it’s 10 minutes walk north of the RSL. 

When you book use this link, or if you start from scratch enter code TR19 in the “Promotional Code” box to flag the reservation and get a discount. 

The Maclin has offered a discount rate through their online booking system.  A hot breakfast (bacon, eggs, cereal, toast, juice, tea and coffee) is available for an additional $15 per person, and if you would like this make a note on the form when you place the booking. 

Note:  the Maclin Lodge booking system does give you an instant confirmation on the screen (watch for it!), and you will later receive a confirmation email from the front office. 

In the unlikely event that the TR19 Promo Code doesn’t work leave the box blank but send a note to [email protected] so we can track the booking.  It was working when we checked, and if enough of us stay at the Maclin they will offer further discounts. 

ibis Budget and Quest 

Both of these hotels are a short walk to Lumeah station, about 7 minutes drive to the RSL but over 30 minutes walk to the RSL… so take that into consideration.