TR19 Delegate FAQ

Hi – hope you’re as excited as we are about this year’s Technorama. 

Below includes some useful and important information to help make your experience smoother.  Consider it the FAQ for the event, and please read it carefully, because I’m sure there will be a question or two extracted from it for the trivia night. 

It’s still not too late for your friends and colleagues to register, and you should razz your nearby mates in case they have been hanging back.  The registration process is dead easy to do any time on a mobile device – so get them to do it now. 

Looking forward to seeing you all. 

Best, Technorama Committee

The secretariat contact phone during the event is  0419 576 888 

The secretariat contact email address is 

  • You may print your Eventbrite ticket if you wish, but it’s not necessary.  We know who you are, and we can look you up when you arrive. 
  • The full program is online via the website – check here 
  • The Campbelltown RSL has one public entrance, which is on the South East corner of the building, opposite the carpark. 
  • We suggest that you park in the high-rise Carpark on Carberry Lane, and then walk across to the RSL.  Note that there is is a series of ramps to facilitate disabled access, and all areas in the Club are wheelchair-friendly 
  • Parking in the high-rise carpark will be validated as no-charge for all TR delegates.  Do not park in timed on-street areas, which might be the opposite of no-charge. 
  • When you arrive at the main entrance of the RSL, the staff will advise the sign-in procedure for the Club, and then direct you to the Emerald and Opal rooms, which are on the first floor.   Look for signs.  From reception, keep walking until you get to the escalators.  Go up the escalator, turn  left  when you get to the top, and walk past the buffet entry and atrium.  The rooms will be in front of you, and registration will be through the left hand door.
  • The RSL has free WiFi for delegates, but it’s not an infinitely fat pipe.  We think that’s unlikely to be a problem, as many of you will choose to use your plans. 
  • You can participate in the show-and-tell session.   If you have a clever piece of gear, or a pointer to a must-have software product, come prepared to share the info.
  • Please let us know if you have any food allergies or preferences.  Because the meal service is a buffet, you have plenty of options available, but we cannot guarantee that there won’t be cross contamination of food types.
  • Lunch on Saturday will be seated in the open buffet area.  You may purchase beverages at the bar.
  • Dinner on Saturday night will start from around 1830, and we will be seated in the conference area.
  • There is no provided lunch on Sunday, but we will finish TR19 formalities in time to allow you to have lunch on-site if you wish (at personal expense).
  • Membership of the RSL is only $5, and gets you discounts on food and beverage.  If you drink enough that might be worthwhile.
  • On the ground level of the RSL there is a coffee shop/bar which serves espressos and a variety of light snacks
  • The CBD shopping area of Campbelltown is a few minutes’ walk from the RSL.
  • If you need a serious shopping fix, Macarthur Square is not far from Rydges. 
  • The club has  a dress code.   Please keep that in mind.