Say hi to your Board

At the Annual General Meeting of Technorama Incorporated held on 26 September 2018, the committee for 2018/2019 was announced.   Because we’re transitioning from the old rules (everybody elected each year) to the new rules (partial election) we had a few one-time challenges to resolve.  But fortunately, the rules delivered a solution.

A bit of explanation.  Under the new constitution adopted in May 2018, the Technorama committee moved from seven people elected annually to nine people elected on a two-year cycle with four people retiring in even years and five people retiring in odd years.  Did you follow that?  In addition, moving to nine people meant that two additional Committee members were appointed to hold the roles until the AGM.  That gave us three committee members serving as casual appointments, and those three were required to stand down at the 2018 election to meet the requirement of Rule 18(1).  The President and Secretary are required to be elected in an even year, and the Secretary position became vacant as a result of splitting the role of Secretary/Treasurer.  If you’re still following this, you’ll now see that the committee realigned into the needed 4/5 split by a combination of rules and mutual agreement and without the need to draw lots (rule 15(5)).

Not up for election:  For 2018/2019 serving the second year of a two-year term will be Stephen Wilkinson (Vice President) and Jim Parish (Treasurer), along with Chris Deacon, Michael Tobin and Frank Wilcox.

To be elected:  Nominations for the four  positions to be elected this year closed on 20 September.  Because the the number of nominations received exactly matched the number of positions, no election needed to be held.  At the AGM The returning officer declared the following people to be elected:

President John Maizels      
Secretary Josh Pearson      
Ordinary Committee Member Emma Couch, Julie Spencer      

Details on all the committee members can be found on the Meet Your Board page here.