Station Tech for the Non Technical

Station Tech for the Non Technical

Why this class?

Radio is a technology business, but many board members and managers tell us that they struggle to understand the technology they have, how things fit together, and how to make decisions on technology – where those decisions might have far-reaching impact on the station’s future.

Provide a broad understanding of the technology behind and in the operation of a community radio station, to a level which assists non-technical stakeholders to deal with technology items and technologists.

Class description
The class is in six modules:

1. What does it all mean:  introduction to terminology, review of typical station requirements and exploration of broadcast architectures.
2. What’s your stuff:   starting with an inspection of technology in use at the station, learn how to identify and describe pieces of equipment, and how to create station documentation
3. Getting from here to there:  review of the station’s business plan and how that translates into technology requirements;  assessment of state of health against needs, and planning for the future
4.  Useful technical skills:  what tools do you need; introduction the multimeter;  basic soldering technique and cable repair
5.  Supporting the station:  tech and operational procedures, building documentation, risk management;  building a technology team; strategic technology thinking
6.  Wrapping up:  next steps, unanswered questions, simple on-station repairs

Along the way, participants will learn about the gear in their station, typical maintenance requirements, risk-assessment and replacement planning, what to do when something goes wrong, how to solder and repair cables, equipment selection, grant application,


Participants who complete the session should have a better understanding of technology needs, how to describe and document technology at their station, and how to communicate effectively when dealing with technology challenges.


Station managers, board members, volunteers, newly joined technologists, and anyone who needs an orientation to the technology side of a radio station.

Attendee prerequisites
The class assumes reasonable familiarity with radio station operations, but no technical knowledge or experience is required.

Class size
Up to eight, but actual numbers will be determined in consultation.

Cost of class
Contact Technorama Incoporated or CMTO for details