Technorama Tuesdays 180904: The perfect joint – soldering made simple

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Have you ever thrown away a pair of headphones or mic lead, wondering if you could fix it?

In our broadcast studios these items get the most wear and tear and, in an age where reuse and recycling is at the forefront of our minds, it would be good to know how to repair them. The next installment of the Technorama Tuesdays” Webinar Series steps in to explore the craft of connecting wires, repairing leads, and more.

In this free 1-hr online learning experience you’ll:

  • Become familiar with the tools of the trade
  • Uncover the innards of cables commonly used in broadcast
  • Learn how to apply some easy to gain skills in wiring a loud speaker
  • Get tips on how to head towards high-reliability soldering
  • Find out about our hands-on learn-to-solder workshop at CBAA 2018

Who’s this webinar for?

Managers, broadcasters, technicians

When is it?

Tuesday 4 September 2018 at 1830  (that’s 6:30PM) Australian Eastern Standard Time.

How do I sign up?

Easy:  click here.


Nothing more than an hour of your time on a Tuesday night.

This Technorama Training Tuesday webinar will be presented by Mike Tobin and moderated by Emma Couch (Technorama Board members)