Webinar announcement: How Google G Suite can be your station’s friend

Whether your station is big or tiny, you can get benefit from the Google G Suite platform in your day to day operations.   Shaun Dennis, winner of the CBAA 2017 Award for Excellence in Technical Services will be your host and guide.

In this 1-hr webinar we will hear from Shaun Dennis, Gove FM Technical Manager who has gained hours upon hours of experience working through the challenges that his station experienced in poor station-wide communication and implementing the solution bought to him by Google Apps.
Shaun will share with the audience the extremely cost-friendly solutions he has come up with to improve station-wide communication and accessibility.

Google G Suite is designed for business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it at your station. This session will tell you how G Suite works,  which parts might be perfect for your station, and some ways in which you can put the tools to use right now.   The session will also also touch on the steps needs to get started (including domains, ACNC registration, Connecting Up).
Date:  31 July at 1830
Your hosts:
Shaun Dennis,  GOVE FM  (Presenter)
Emma Couch, CMTO (Facilitator)

What you’ll learn:  Participants will get first-hand information about the Google G Suite cloud platform and how it compares with Office365.  You will also hear about benefits from using G Suite compared to self hosted email (local servers) or generic email addresses (such as [email protected]/iinet/gmail.com).

The session will cover some basic use cases and setup requirements, and Shaun will provide some tips to get started.
Bonus:  Learn how moving to G Suite made it possible for GOVE FM to gracefully recover from a Ransomware attack and DNS blacklisting.
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About your trainer:  Shaun Dennis is Tech Manager at Gove FM in the tiny town of Nhulunbuy NT (population < 4000 people).   Shaun is responsible for all technology at the station, and supports a number of other Community broadcasters in the area.  He is an active member of the Technorama IT Subcommittee, and was winner of the Excellence in Technical Services at the 2017 CBAA National Conference.