Job opportunity: 3MBS Technical Manager (staff role)

3MBS is seeking a Technical Manager.  The role of the Technical Manager is to help develop and implement 3MBS’ technical strategic plan by managing all operational requirements and technical capabilities to broadcast 24 hours a day continuously, both now and in the future. Reporting directly to the General Manager the role will be responsible for project managing major technical upgrades along with the day to day maintenance of all studio and broadcasting systems and equipment. The Technical Manager will be expected to collaborate with and manage a small team of technicians, including the broadcast manager and the technical volunteers and will be an active member of the 3MBS Technical Committee. Excellent communication and team building skills are essential.

Sounds exciting, and the 3MBS studio complex is one of the best in Australia.

The job description is here, and the 3MBS website reference is here with an additional job description file (search for “job” on the 3MBS site if you need to find the links).