Special General Meeting Saturday 19th May 2018

Members of Technorama Incorporated are invited to attend a Special General Meeting of the Association.  The meeting will commence at 1730 and will be held concurrently at

  • the Maltese Community Council, 467-477 Royal Parade, Parkville VIC 3052, and
  • GoToMeeting 496-447-197

The main purpose of the meeting is to “consider and, if approved, adopt a new constitution to replace the existing constitution of Technorama Incorporated“.

Technorama Inc is a not-for-profit organisation incorporated in NSW under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009.   The current constitution is based, without modification, on the model constitution provided by Fair Trading and is the ideal starting point for a new association.

However Technorama has already outgrown some of the basic provisions of this constitution, and your committee has identified some changes that are needed in order for the organisation to develop further.

In particular the proposed constitution:

  • changes the election cycle so that half the committee is elected each year,
  • limits the number of contiguous terms that a member may serve as an office- bearer,
  • adds another two committee members,
  • increases the number of people needed to form a quorum, and
  • specifies ways in which electronic forms may be used for meeting processes.

We believe these proposed changes take Technorama Incorporated to, and beyond, current best practice, and will serve us well for the future.  Your committee asks you to consider the changes, show your support, and vote at the meeting.

A discussion of all the changes is available in the comments document, downloadable below.

Voting on the motion is only possible if you are in attendance (in person or by telepresence).

Telepresence registration instructions will shortly be sent to members.  Members who are attending Technorama do not need to pre-register their attendance.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the motion, please contact the President, John Maizels.  We value your input and feedback.

The set of referenced documents is here and available for download

Jim Parish