TR15: About hotel/motel rooms in Chatswood

We’re assembling a list of places to stay.  There are two large hotels and a smaller amount of short-stay accommodation in the Chatswood CBD, within walking distance of the DCC.  Unfortunately, it’s not like the US where there are hotels (with free parking) everywhere.

There’s also the small irony that the DCC is at the bottom of a retirement complex, but there’s no living space that we can take.

There is quite a lot of low-medium price motel-style accommodation south of Chatswood on Pacific Highway.  It’s not really within walking distance (unless you like walking… 1-3km) but it’s within driving distance and on weekends it’s possible to park on-street closer to the DCC without breaking the bank.

Don’t panic though – there’s no chance that the entire area would be booked up on a weekend.

Check here for more information on getting around.

Check here for more information on housing and accommodation.