Technorama Member 7 March newsletter

Welcome to Technorama Update, with a heap of news about TR18.  This year we’re back in Melbourne from 18-20 May, and expecting a solid turnout from Victoria and southern states (or.. we’ll get annoyed and move back North).

Please have a read about TR18, and then important:  Take Action!  Now is the right time to arrange a room and then lock down your attendance by completing the online registration.   To help you decide, here’s some TR18 critical teases:

Register!!  We’ve kept the Earlybird TR18 rates at the same level as TR17, despite having a significantly higher cost base in Melbourne.   So before we change our minds, it would be smart to take advantage of Earlybird rates, which go away in a few weeks.  Head to the website for all the links.

Programming:  expect a solid and varied program – we’re locking it down right now.  Nobody has ever complained that there wasn’t enough meat on the Technorama schedule, so trust us with this.  We expect that the full grid will be in place by Monday 19 March.  Kickoff for TR18 will be at a special location (our original choice has had to be changed), and the sessions at the Maltese Club won’t disappoint.  And we’re scheduling a number of items which are in the special domain of this year’s Technorama Special Guest of Honour.  Speaking of which…

Guest of Honour:  Julie Spencer is our Special GoH for TR18, and you’re in for a treat.  There’s been much discussion on RF and antennae recently, a topic on which Julie is a specialist.   She also speaks large amounts of DAB, knows more about towers than you probably want to learn, and will add heaps of value to some of the discussions that kicked off via the Q&A group.  We’re doing our best to get non-technical people to understand your RF planning, and Julie will be helping us heaps with that.

TR18 accommodation:  The Vibe is both the closest hotel to the Maltese Club and has the best rooms in the area.  We’ve negotiated a very good rate which you can reach via the website link.  Now we know that if you search around (and even on the Vibe page) you’ll find lots of rates which look cheaper.  What’s important to note is that the Technorama-negotiated rate at the VIbe is post-paid (so it’s zero-risk), and includes a full buffet breakfast (with real coffee available!).  Before you lock in another rate, make sure you’re comparing the same conditions.  The Technorama website accomodation page has all the info that you need to know to navigate booking a room.

Special projects:  it wouldn’t be a Technorama if we didn’t do a few things to expand our horizons.  This year, look out for

  • Technorama Education Day on Friday 18 May which will focus on building foundation skills: we’re going to teach you how to solder, wire cables, and build electronic assemblies.  No prior knowledge or skill assumed.  Technorama Education Day will be a separate registration, with details online later this week and, so that we can ensure individual tuition, places will be very limited.
  • Bursary for Young people and Women.   Thanks to the CBF, we’ve created a special fund to provide travel and registration support for some people who might not have been able or encouraged to attend in the past and who are outside the traditional demographic of technologists.  Details of the Bursary will also be online later this week.

Awards:  start thinking about the people around you who are contributing and who should be recognised.  And watch this space for announcement of the 2018 Technorama Awards.

Special General Meeting:  After three years of incorporation and two cyber-AGMs we’ve discovered a few things about our Rules that need to be changed so that we can operate our way and still be correctly compliant with the legislation.  I’ll tell you all about that in the lead up to TR18, and it will be useful information for anyone incorporating under the NSW NFP Act (or other similar legislation).  Meanwhile, your committee has unanimously agreed on a set of recommendations for Rule changes, and these are being drafted for circulation ahead of the GM.  Take this as the first notice that:

A Special General Meeting of Members of Technorama Incorporated will be held at 1730 on Saturday 19 May.  Physical location will be the Maltese Community Centre Parkville Melbourne and Members will also be able to participate via telepresence. 

So the bottom line:  register right now for TR18, and plan to have a great time.

All the best –


John Maizels