TR20V – what a massive success!

It was an amazing day.   A solid gathering of technologists, industry figures, and presenters spent the day about as socially distanced as we could be.  We started at 9, went to 5, then hung out in the bars and cafes of Chateau Technorama Discord for an hour or two more.  A team from all over the world worked to keep things running smoothly in the background, and our invited presenters did a great job of bringing us all up to date with the world of broadcast tech.

And what did we learn?  That it’s possible to have a really good conference, and hang out with colleagues in cyberspace.  It was an amazing day.

More detail later, and the recordings will be up as soon as we can edit and segment them.


Late registration: might or might not work

If you’re registering late for TR20V, please follow the signup instructions exactly.

If they don’t work, you might not be able to join us.  We don’t have a helpdesk for this event, so there’s not a lot we can do right now.  An email to TR20Vhelp will reach us, but response time will depend on what else is happening.

The system status page will have the latest info on how the platform is operating.

TR20V: Start your logon here

This is the start-here page for TR20V.

The first time you log in to the system you will create a system userid, which is the same as the email address you used to register.  Once you are logged in securely, you are automatically authorised for access to Discord, Grenadine, Zoom, and any other secured process for TR20V.

You have registered with Gumroad – yes?

If you have not registered for the event, none of this will work.  In particular, you won’t be sent an email.  You also won’t be told that the process has failed.   The message is:  register with Gumroad via the link (or another link if that’s been provided).  Wait 10 minutes.  Then continue with the next section.

The first-time login steps are:

1) Click the login link below, at the heading “OK, do it!”  (not yet, though, read the rest of the steps first).  The logon screen asks for username and password, and you don’t have either of those yet.  Your  username will be set to the email address you provided to Gumroad.   So your next step is:
2) Click Forgot your password?
3) You will now be asked for your userid.  Enter your email address and click Send Email
4) Go to your email (check spam if it doesn’t show up).  If the email doesn’t show up immediately, wait a bit.

The email process is generally quick, but if you step (3) too soon after taking out the membership, you won’t get a response, because the registration has not been ingested.  If you’ve had no response in 15 minutes try requesting the link again.  If you try the re-request too soon and the first request arrives, the link in the first email will then be invalid.

5) Open the email and click the link that’s inside
6) Enter your new password and click to save it.
7) The next page will contain a login box and a Discord button.  Click the Discord button to link your Discord account with the event.
8) Login to Discord if necessary
9) Click Authorize
10) On the next page click the link to come back to Technorama

OK, do it!

Now click this link and head to the TR20V login page.


After you have logged on, you may go to Discord and explore the space.  If it makes no sense to you, then no problem: we will explain that during the first session.

Now go to Grenadine

This step is important.  The schedule for TR20V and all the links exist in Grenadine.  The Zoom link for the first session (“Introductions”) is always visible inside the first item, so you’re going to be able to get to that session whether you’ve successfully logged on or not.  But after the first break you will need to be logged on to Grenadine.  Here’s the good news: your userid has been automatically created if you’ve done the password step.

Authenticating with Grenadine

Click the Grenadine Log In button (top right on this page) and click the blue Conzealand button to get to log on.  Enter your email address and the password.   You will be logged on to Grenadine.  Come back to the Grenadine page, refresh, and voila: you should now be able to see blue Zoom buttons in all the sessions.

The good news: you only have to do this once.   And you haven’t been asked to pay at all!

Announcement re TR20V

Excuse this interruption to our transmission, while we rectify a problem in the space-time continuum.  Normal Technorama service will be restored shortly.

Until then, you can

TR20V Discord Server address

Welcome to the Discord Server address page.

The actual address of the TR20V Discord server will go here when the doors are ready to be opened.  Click Here

If the server address isn’t there, then it isn’t ready for public use.  We’ll tell you when it is, and the advice will send you back to this page.

Discord server installation

To install the Technorama server once Discord is running on your computer:

  • On the left hand side of the Discord interface there is a green “+” in a grey circle. Click that.
  • On the “Oh, another server huh?” panel, take the right-hand Join option (green button)
  • Paste the link from above into the invitation, and press enter

When the server is installed you will see a Technorama icon on the left.  Click that icon to open the Technorama Discord server and enter our conference centre.

Operation in a web browser

The same link that is used to install the Technorama Discord server can also be used to run the server in a browser.  Try it!   Click here Click Here.   Most functions are available in a browser, but many people feel that the app works much better.

30 June TR Tuesday at 1830: Our virtual platform, and Five Tricks for Phones and OB

Our End Of Financial Year present to you is two things you’ve always wanted:

  • What to expect from TR20V, and how everything bolts together before you get there
  • how you can use some online technologies to help your station do better radio

Along the way we’ll talk about audio (and video) conferencing programs, echo cancellers, Discord and Zoom, studio interfacing, and lots more.

Many of our members struggle with phone line interfaces (hybrids), connecting to the console (mix-minus) and managing audio on delay.  Working from home and managing multiple presenters hasn’t made life easier.

We show you some of the best cheap problem solvers you can use.

Sign up here!

TR20V – The fully VIRTUAL Technorama event

Plus, we’ll start with an intro to what we’re doing at Technorama TR20V on 4 July.   Not only is TR20V REALLY exciting and pioneering work, the program is a killer for attendees at all levels.

Bonus:  just like this Technorama Tuesday webinar, you can attend TR20V from home and choose your own catering.  And members really save, so become a member of Technorama if you’re not already.

This post will be relocated at 19:30 on Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Successful registration for TR20V segment

Thank you for registering as a participant in Technorama TR20V.

This page confirms that your registration through Gumroad was correctly handled.


Before the event, you will receive an email that contains the link for the event, active from 4 July.

Right now

If you haven’t done installation of the platform, you WILL want to go to the TR20V event information and downloads page (to get the document that shows how to set up your devices and be ready).


TR20V Status and recovery page

TR20V system status information

Current status is:   GLUU login process is not sending password emails to some users

Impact: users cannot get credentials to authenticate with system.  Discord access will most likely be blocked.  Session links in Grenadine will be masked.

Extent: users who have already been able to set passwords and who have been able to log on (at least once) will not be affected.  New users who have not set passwords will be unable to access systems.

If you cannot connect to the system then please bear with us.  The US team will start work on this overnight (Australian time).  It should be fixed by morning.

If the problem persists, then the link to Grenadine (the schedule) will be placed here, and the link to the Zoom webinar for the first sessions will be in Grenadine.

The Discord server is here and details on how to get into Discord are here.

Last update:  2020-0704 0922 AEST

What happens on this page

This is the page where we will post last minute or recovery instructions if there is a glitch in the space-time continuum.

Because we can’t run down the corridor to move everyone if there’s a technical problem, you should come back to this page to check if something is wrong (assuming that we know… and we will).

During TR20V we will update this page if we need to tell you about

  • a failure
  • a recovery process
  • an emergency link to allow sessions to continue
  • where we put the answers to the quiz.   No, not really.  Sorry.  That’s always going to be secret.

Program changes and session links

All program updates and the links to all sessions will be in Grenadine.   If there is a change to the program, then Grenadine will be updated.

Please follow this link to Grenadine.


Technorama TR20V preparation and download page

Preparation for the virtual event

Welcome to TR20V. You are truly pioneering, and we hope the experience will be pleasant and interesting.

Your TR20V team has constructed a virtual convention centre using some well developed software packages.  Access to the virtual centre uses the email address that you provided when you registered.  Think of it as your conference badge.

That email address is also the way that we will let you know if there are any last-minute changes, and inform you of any problems with the system on the day.

The system status and recovery information page is here.

Read me and setup instructions

The pdf that tells you everything you need to know, and how to install it is right here.  Follow the instructions as soon as you can to ensure that you’re not caught out at the start of TR20V.   It will take about 10 minutes if everything goes OK.
Last updated: Fri, 03 Jul 2020 09:49:06 +0000 UTC

Next steps

On Friday 3 July, we will sent you a note to confirm that the building is open for inspection (via Discord), and you may log on and enter to get familiarised.

Firstly though (and once you have registered for the event) you should download the installation information document, and follow the instructions to install (or confirm that you have installed) the following software:

  • Discord
  • Zoom
  • YouTube

Once those components are installed (where needed) and tested, you will be good to go.

Why do this now?

The pre-TR20V installation process ensures you will have all the software that is needed, and please don’t leave it until the start of the event.  You will miss out on the opening if you do.

One thing we do know about a virtual convention centre:  there’s no easy way to communicate if something goes wrong.  In a real space we would tell you that the fire alarm had gone off, or the room had to be evacuated, or the power had mysteriously gone off.  Someone would lead you down the corridor to another room, and sessions would pick up.

By installing the software now, you’ll be good to go.

What else can you tell me?

Further information on the products and test instructions is behind these links:

Zoom system requirements for Windows, macOS and Linux

System requirements for YouTube

System requirements for Discord





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