Ideas and Effort: TR19 Awards

Every year, the Technorama Awards recognise and celebrate the excellence, innovation and dedication of technologists across the community broadcasting sector.

Natalie Pozdeev and Frank Wilcox

The Awards are judged by a Committee of experienced assessors and senior sector identities.  After an intense period of consideration the Committee, this year Chaired by Natalie Pozdeev, decided that three awards would be made at the TR19 Gala night on 4 May 2019.

As Natalie pointed out, “these Awards create focus on achievements that often go unthanked at stations – because when everything is working well, who notices what it took to make that happen?  The Technorama Awards recognise those people and their achievements.”

Natalie also stressed the independent nature of the judging process: “When I say independent, I mean we’re entirely independent of the Technorama Committee and work hard to ensure that the process is fair and transparent. This includes declaration of any conflicts of interest, and assessing each nomination on its merits, and against the published judging criteria”.

Three categories

Lifetime Technical Contribution to a Community Radio or TV Station

This award is presented to an individual who has shown dedication, expertise, quality and technical leadership at a station over a long period of time.

This year’s winner was Nathan Butler for his work at 5GTR-FM in Mount Gambier.  Nathan was unable to be at TR19, and the award was accepted for him by Frank Wilcox.

Nathan was later presented with the award at the station in Mount Gambier.

Outstanding Technical Collaboration

The award for Outstanding Technical Collaboration recognises an individual or team who has helped bring technologists together, and built a collaborative team to achieve successful technical outcomes.  This year’s winner was the first rollout of the CMTO Studio Tech Blitz program.  The award was presented to the 2RRR Station Technical Blitz team who made it happen:  Gemma Lipman, Keith Rider, Felipe Vilches, John Maizels, Frederica Mantel, Bruce Mott and Chard Currie


Lifetime Technical Contribution to the Sector

This is Technorama’s highest award, and is  presented to an individual who has shown dedication, expertise, quality and technical leadership at a group of stations or sector organisations over a long period of time.

Natalie Pozdeev commented that the judging was especially rigorous this year.  She said that the committee felt the nominations which were selected were all absolutely first rate and deserving, and that applied particularly to the top award for Lifetime Technical Contribution to the Sector.

For his contribution to the sector through work for the CBAA, CBAV, KLFM and Technorama itself, the judges gave the award to Mike Tobin from KLFM.

We congratulate all the winners, and thank you for your contribution to technology activities in the Australian Community Radio sector.

TR19 Exit survey

Well done for attending.   The TR19 exit survey is here  – please complete it before you forget what happened.

In the comments field, we would really like a quote or two about your reaction to the weekend, because that will help with our reporting.   I promise that you will never be named.  We do ask for honesty though.  If you want to be completely anonymous from the survey, grab me in the corridor.

Not every comment will be published, batteries not included, consult a doctor if pain persists.  🙂

Also, in your comments, please add anything that you think might be helpful to our analysis and assessment of TR19, or as a hint for the future.

Thanks, Julie, Josh and John

TR19 Education Day: Project Management PM survey link

Well done for attending.   The survey is here – please complete it before you forget what happened.

In the comments field, we would really like a quote or two about your reaction to the class, because that will help with our reporting.   I promise that you will never be named.  We do ask for honesty though.  If you want to be completely anonymous from the survey, grab me in the corridor.

Not every comment will be published, batteries not included, consult a doctor if pain persists.  🙂

Now click here to get started with the exit survey.

Also, in your comments, please add anything that you think might be helpful to our analysis and assessment of the class.

‘m especially interested in how much you think people might pay for this class?   For instance, was $45 ridiculously low?  Would you have attended if the price was $90 or $150?   How many of your colleagues might have attended if it were zero charge?

Thanks, John

Tips for delegates

Hi – looking forward to seeing you at TR19 in Campbelltown.  We thought you’d appreciate a couple of helpful pointers.

Kickoff times:  1830 Friday in the Opal/Emerald room (upstairs via the lift, escalator, or stairs).  0900 Saturday and Sunday

Food: it’s all included.  OK, breakfasts aren’t, but everything else is.  Canapes and a drink to kick off, lunch and dinner, and morning tea.  Lots of strong percolated coffee, and plenty of tea and water.

Trains:  If you’re flying in:  we’ve been informed that there is trackwork on the airport line this weekend.  Important:  trains are running from Central to Campbelltown.  There is NO impact for anyone travelling from the airport on Friday (Airport line trains are running normal schedule), but on Saturday or Sunday the bus interchange will add an extra  45 minutes in each direction.   The app Tripview gives a very clear picture and is up-to-date on a minute-by-minute basis.  More information:  here on our website.

The good news is that that because you’re not using the actual platform you won’t be stung for the $14.30 Airport exit fee.  Also based on past experience they don’t collect a fee to use the transfer bus.  You will still need to purchase a ticket to get to/from Campbelltown, and an Opal Card is definitely the way to go.  If you don’t have an Opal card, you can buy one at Central or at the Airport.

Weather: the prediction is annoying.  After weeks of very, very pleasant Sydney weather, the forecast is for nice temperatures BUT:   Friday: 80% chance of rain,  Saturday 40% chance of rain, and Sunday 70% chance of rain.   Just assume that it WILL rain, and we’ll be inside for most of it.  Bring appropriate clothing.

Normally we would suggest that the best transfer from the RSL to/from Rydges or Maclin hotel is a pleasant  “15 minute walk” option, and that might still work just fine.   Sydney rain is heavy but typically over quickly with long breaks.

Other transport: We’re a long way out.  Transfer prices from the station to hotels: likely to be around $10 on Uber.   Transfer from Campbelltown to/from Sydney airport:  about $100 on Uber, or $180 by taxi.   Train to/from town:  from $8.20 without Opal down to $4.73 off peak with Opal.

Program:  The full grid is on the website.  As always: E&OE, but we’ve planned a good weekend.

Where to go:  The RSL is at 1 Carberry Lane.  The entrance is on the south-east corner of the building, and access will be available from 0830 each day (the Club doesn’t normally open until 1000).

Parking:  delegate parking in the highrise carpark is free.  Bring your ticket and it will be validated.

WiFi: there will be plenty for delegates.

Club Membership:  not obligatory, but your drinks will be cheaper and the Club will appreciate your custom.

Questions:  best way to find us is by email via [email protected]  That address goes to several people, and one of us will get back to you.

Anything else?  If you find an error, tell us.   If we find something else you need to know, we’ll send you another note.  And you can always check for the latest.

Looking forward to seeing you.   John, Josh, Julie and the TR19 team.

FLASH: Train works Saturday and Sunday

We’ve just become aware that the airport line will be closed from first train Saturday until last train Sunday.   It’s very annoying and we can only apologise, but CityRail did not consult with us before putting the works in place.

Important note:  trains ARE running from Central to Campbelltown.  However the actual airport terminal services will be operated by interchange bus.

There is zero impact if you are arriving on Friday or earlier.

A Saturday or Sunday trip in either direction will take around 90 minutes instead of 45 minutes, and will involve a bus/train interchange.

What this means

Travel between the airport and Campbelltown will be via Central, with connecting buses running regularly between the airport and Central.   The bus alternative, and how to find it, will be well signposted, and is a well-oiled (if slower) machine.

The return service from Campbelltown alternates between via-Central-plus-one-bus (leave from Campbelltown platform 1), and via-Glenfield-plus-two-buses (leave from Campbelltown platform 2).  Best solution is time your return to take the Platform 1 option.

In either direction, the train runs directly to and from Campbelltown once you are on it.

Coming on Saturday?

Anyone coming to Technorama by on Saturday or Sunday should allow about 45 minutes longer for the transfer to or from Campbelltown.

Where do you find information?

If you have a smartphone, then the best app is Tripview which will painlessly expose the schedule.  If you don’t want to pay, the Tripview Lite version is free and fully working but doesn’t store trips.  Alternatively, you can use Transport NSW’s website to plan your trip.

And if you’ve read this far:  the good news!

There is a silver lining.   Because you’re not using the actual airport platform, you avoid the $14.30 airport gate charge in each direction.  Mathematically, your additional 45 minutes of pain in each direction works out to have saved you roughly $19/hour.   Please don’t spend it all at once.  🙂

TR19 Program Grid

What you can look forward to at Technorama 2019, or what you'll miss if you don't attend.

The search box is your friend!

Start time



What's it about?

Friday 3 May
0930-1700Education DayTricks of Project Management for TechnologistsThe professional project management intro class in one day. Note: separate registration required: click here.
1830-2000Opening night:
Opal/Emerald Room
Canapes, a drink or two, and the meet and greet. If you're still hungry:
plenty of choice in Campbelltown.
2000-lateThe Bar, the Club, the Pub, the TV? Your choice, your wallet, your friends (new or old)!
Saturday 4 May
0815Registration desk opens
0900Everyone settle
0905Welcome, housekeeping, introductionsPresidentMeet the Technorama team. Meet each other
Update on Technorama IncorporatedPresidentQuick report on the year's activities
Intro to our guest of honourRichard FlemingMeet our Special Guest - find out what his special subject is!
0935What's new in the SectorJon Bisset - CBAAChanges, policy, the new view and some exciting projects
1005It's a secretJohn MaizelsWe said there would be surprises.
This will be one.
1015Morning tea
1045CMTOHeli NewtonSome exciting new training offerings which will help with tech at your station.
1105First Nations MediaClaire StuchberyTech in the outback - a different world
1125View from the CBFAlly NewtonGrants, grants, grants. Lifeblood of tech - what's the current state of play?
1145The Newsroom project: what it means for your stationJon BissetA national news system that big and small stations can use in oh, so many ways.
1205DDNDan CallaghanStrange hardware has started appearing at stations. What does it mean?
1400Guest of HonourRichard Fleming
1515The amazing world of CBF AssessorsAlly NewtonLearn how to write the world's best grant applications: become an Assessor!!
1530Afternoon tea
1550Rebuilding the station - a case studyDaryl SmithFrom the old to the new: the complete studio refit at a Sydney submetro
1615Training your techs: learning on steroids (Panel)Emma Couch and friendsBuild a Top Gun Tech Team. We share some secrets: what training exists, how to encourage learning, how a team can add value to the station, and what resources exist to help you, and why you shouldn't be afraid of succession planning.
1715From the bunch of tools to integrated platformJosh PearsonTechnorama just transitioned from Dropbox, Desktop Office, CPanel email and many other bolt-ons to FREE Microsoft everything. Why/How/When and what happened.
1725Wrapping up the day: Vote for Sunday morning's topics
1730Tech/vendor/self timeOn-Air Solutions, AVW, Broadcast Components,
Orquest, Agile and AVC all await your questions.
1830-2200Gala dinner, awards and quiz nightIn classic Technorama style: massive buffet dinner, several courses of trivia questions, the all-important Technorama Excellence in Technology Awards, and much conviviality. Not to be missed. Partners, guests and friends welcome (click here for registration form).
LateDrinks, go home… or not
Sunday 18 June
0830Registration open
0900Housekeeping: What did we learn yesterday?Get your brain back into gear as day 2 of TR19 kicks off
0905The UnConference takes over. Break into your interest areaOpal Room, Emerald Room, Jade Room, Topaz Room
1020Morning tea
1040Stuff and topics from Q&A - community discussionA review of some of the interesting topics, learnings, and unanswered questions. Plus your new questions.
1125Embrace the mission - how to Manage UpFacilitated by Giordy CaputoHave you ever had the experience "the board treats me like crap - and I'm a member!"? Some simple steps to taking control and doing the right thing. It's exciting.
1225Final plenary:
Technorama projects and the wrap.
The TeamWell: what just happened?
We wrap the weekend and look forward.
1300All over for 2019!!TR19 Wrap and stayers lunchHelp us clear the room - please!!
© Copyright Technorama Incorporated 2019All rights reserved. Many seats reserved too.Errors and omissions excepted. Program grid subject to change at any time and without notice. So notice.

Vendors and demos at TR19

This year we’re joined by five exhibiting partners and a bit of our own democraft and stuff to sell.

See the end-to-end FM station

Plenty of people have reminded us about the end-to-end display that we had in Adelaide.  We’re doing it again.   If you’re not overly familiar with all the bits between the microphone and the car radio, this will be a great opportunity to stick your fingers in safely.

We will have a working transmission path, from program source through the mixer, to audio processor, stereo generator, transmitter and receiver.   If you’re not intimately familiar with how this stuff works, come and play.

Buy/Swap/Sell table.

We don’t know if this will be a table or if it’s going to take over the whole room.   But we’re setting some space aside for delegates to sell, exchange or buy gear.   Hey, you don’t even have to bring the gear:  a sign might work just as well.


A Technorama first.  We have some very affordable Technorama screwdriver sets, and Technorama mugs.  You can buy one or both, and there’s a special bundle price.

Our partners


Ian Campbell and Greg Altena.   AVC will be demonstrating an end to end cloud solution for radio broadcasters including scheduling, playout, mixing, processing, streaming, logging and more.


Judy Kelly.  Radio.Management is a start-up from Melbourne with roots in the community radio sector.

In 2019, Radio.Management is launching the Orquestradio suite of tools; software solutions to reduce the stress, and improve the quality, of outside broadcasting.

With Orquestradio for Events; coordinate precise, seamless handovers with a synchronised time source across locations and devices; use visual cues and written information to communicate with every member of the production crew; and customise functionality to meet the individual needs of your broadcast and your team.  All from within your browser with no additional software required.

On-Air Solutions

Paul Dengate.   OnAir Solutions will be presenting a simple new way to do outside broadcasts on a budget. Combining the Rødecaster Pro with Logitek JetLink on a laptop, you have a complete remote broadcast solution. Just add your preferred network connectivity: wired, wireless router or 4G dongle. You don’t need expensive dedicated hardware, as JetLink can run on any modern Windows machine. Best of all, the laptop can still be used for other purposes like remote access or audio editing.

You can also chat to OnAir about the full range of Logitek consoles, Røde microphones, Ecreso FM transmitters, video products and studio services.

Broadcast Components

Sean Pritchard.   Featuring:

  • OB in a box. An OB kit we have designed which includes everything you might need.
  • Dante AOIP via digital audio mixers and Dante AVIO adaptors
  • Low cost studio kit: Analogue mixer with USB and hybrid
  • BW Broadcast V3 transmitter

John Walsh


Deb Sexton

TR19 congratulates this year’s Represent! Bursary awardees

Once again we’ve been able to offer young, female, and gender non-conforming people an opportunity to apply for the Represent! Bursary, and show how inclusive a group of technologists can be.  The Bursary aims to improve the age and gender diversity imbalance that exists in the typical Technologist demographic, and allows an awardee to attend Technorama 2019 by covering all the costs.  The Bursary is awarded through a merit-based assessment.

TR19 is very pleased to announce this year’s eight recipients and welcome as our guests:

  • Nikki Marcel (SA)

A Totally Women Powered Radio project run by Radio Adelaide’s student radio in 1996 got Nikki hooked on radio. Since then she’s fed her audio addiction and been on a steep learning curve by doing a bit of everything:  from music, art and political programs, to OBs, training, scheduling, IT and broadcast maintenance.  Now, as People and Program Manager, she is a professional multi-tasker and trouble-shooter. In her spare time Nikki works as a Trainer for the CMTO and mentor for the National Features and Documentary Series, and loves sharing her knowledge and enthusing new people into the creative world of community radio. Nikki is also Secretary for the South Australian Community Broadcasting Association supporting 32 member stations across SA.

  • Charlotte Bedford (SA)

Charlotte is a community broadcaster, trainer and researcher with over 25 years of designing radio projects alongside diverse communities, primarily focusing on prisoner radio development across Australia and the UK. She is the current President of the SA Community Broadcasters Association, presents a weekly music show on sub-metro station WOWfm, and recently began coordinating a national sector development project with the CMTO.

  • Roz Chapman (TAS)

Roz is the Station Manager at 7TYG, which covers the Derwent Valley in regional southern Tasmania. Roz has been with the station since its inception in 2009 in various roles, including technical support, and has been station manager since March 2012. 7TYG is moving and upgrading their transmission site this year and Roz is excited to attend TR19 to get a handle on all aspects of managing the logistical and technical aspects of the move.

  • Gemma Lipman (NSW)

Gemma is an experienced radio presenter and producer,  having worked on the national CBAA Award winning show “Breaking Bands” for the past 4 years.  She volunteers at her local radio station, 2RRR, and has recently participated in their Tech Blitz with Technorama.   Gemma studied Music Production at UNSW, and has recorded and mixed for local bands.

  • Nathan Vogt (ACT)

Nathan volunteers at Radio 1RPH Canberra to assist with their IT needs which has included migrating the primary internet connection to the NBN.   By day he is an ICT Network engineer.  Nathan has been working in the public service for 3 years, having completed his Bachelor of Computer Systems and the Australian Government ICT Graduate program.

  • Declan James (VIC)

Declan is a volunteer for PBS 106.7FM in Melbourne. Having formally studied Audio Engineering, Declan is now completing his Advanced Diploma in Electronics and Communications Engineering to fully round out his passion for community radio and to be able to contribute to PBS more broadly both on and off mic.  Declan hopes to learn as much as possible from Technorama prior to helping PBS in its upcoming move in the new year, and is happy for any advice or suggestions in relation to this.

  • Hannah Rogers (TAS)

Hannah is the Training Coordinator and Station Coordinator at Edge Radio 99.3, Tasmania’s only youth broadcasting service. She started out at Edge four years ago as a keen volunteer and quickly developed a passion for community radio. As well as the everyday running of the station she goes into schools as part of Edge’s youth outreach program to teach kids about media. “I’m looking forward to enhancing my tech knowhow at Technorama this year and being able to share my knowledge with our local volunteers!” 

  • Sibylle Reisch (QLD)

Sibylle wrote and produced her first radio story when she was eight years old; it was a murder crime story on the river Thames in London.
Many years and many other careers later, and by mere chance only three years ago, she came to volunteer at reception for Noosa FM 101.3 Community Radio. Being a big pet and wildlife lover she noticed there wasn’t a program on the radio station that would cater for like-minded people in the community. Co-incidentally the opportunity for presenter training came up and she decided to take the chance. In September 2017 she presented her first own program: “Pet Purri”, a music program concerned with pets and wildlife for the Noosa Shire.
In September 2018 she was elected VP and took on the coordinator position of the technical area of the station. Since April 2018 she has been President.

In 2018 Sibylle was the proud receiver of the Technorama “Rising Technical Star” Award.

Would you like to know more about the Represent! Bursary?

You can read about it here.

The Represent! Bursary is an initiative of Technorama, and is supported by the CBF.

Technorama Awards

Technorama perpetual award
Every year, the Technorama Awards celebrate the excellence, innovation and dedication of technologists across the community broadcasting sector.  These Awards create focus on achievements that often go unthanked at stations – because when everything is working well, who notices what it took to make that happen?
The Technorama Awards recognise those people and their achievements.

Natalie Pozdeev
Technorama Awards Chair

Our Awards are judged by a committee of experienced assessors and senior industry identities, headed this year by Natalie Pozdeev.   The Awards judging is fully independent of Technorama Incorporated, so that anyone might nominate.  We can’t afford a big-name accounting firm to control the envelopes, but your committee plays no part in the process.

In 2019, the Judging Committee reports that – again – they received some very high quality nominees.
This year, awards will be presented in categories of:
  • Outstanding Technical Collaboration
  • Lifetime Technical Contribution to a Community Radio or TV station
  • Lifetime Technical Contribution to the Sector
We look forward to announcing the winners at this year’s Gala Dinner, Quiz Night and Awards presentation.
By the way, you don’t have to buy a separate ticket because our big night is included in your registration.

TR19: The Program

TR19 starts this Friday night – if you haven’t registered, then rest assured:  still room and food (one of the reasons we like the venue), and we’re excited about what we’re doing.  We can take late registrations onsite if you don’t mind wearing a handwritten badge.  We don’t mind – we’d rather have you here.

Register at the cheapest rate that applies

We don’t want you to pay more than you have to.  It’s much better for you to be there than paying lots.  If you’re regularly involved in any way at a station, then claim the volunteer rate.   If you’re not yet a member of Technorama, then join:  the TR19 registration rate drops by more than the membership fee (funny, that!).

Where’s the program detail?

The Program Grid is here, and also under the TR19 button on the menu bar.

The Technorama philosophy

What’s on the program, and why did we choose those items?   There are four things you need to get from any conference:

  • learn stuff from speakers and delegates
  • meet new people, and build your support network
  • share your experiences with other delegates and sector influencers
  • talk to vendors and professionals about current and future product directions

Our programming is the why-attend.

When you participate in a Technorama we want you to return home as the better-informed person who is immediately more valuable to your station.   We want you to shine from the experience of attending.   We want you to agree that the Sector’s lowest cost event is also the best.

That’s why Technorama programming extends much further than the latest widgets and wiring.  We raise the debates that help you explore the landscape of Community Broadcasting.

But there’s plenty of down-and-dirty stuff too.

TR19 is being packed full of information and sessions of strategic value, with tech and policy information that can be applied immediately.

In store for TR19


    • What you and your Board need to know about changes in policy, and how do those policies affect grants, services, the law, training, and national support?
    • Game-changer 2019:   The Enhanced National News Project and how to make it work for your station
    • The new CMTO Tech Training classes: how your station can take best advantage
    • DDN:  What’s behind the new network hardware deliveries, and what happens next?
    • Our Special Guest of Honour Richard Fleming shares a lifetime of experience in studio design, software development, station rebuilding, and being a mentor
    • The perfect grant application

  • Training and mentoring: how do you be the Tech Top Gun
  • Build your station’s newsroom: what does it take to make the news instead of being it?


Saturday evening: our annual Gala Dinner, Quiz Night and Technorama Awards presentation.

And we announce the winners of the Earlybird and attendee door prizes.


  • Vote your own session:  Sunday morning hi-tech programming with a difference.   We break into sessions that we know you will value because you selected and voted for them.
  • The big technology Q&A
  • How to manage upwards:  beyond your technology skills be the person your Board can’t and won’t do without

We’re particularly excited by the Sunday morning “vote your own session” concept.   In the great tradition of the unconference (yes, it’s really a thing) you and fellow delegates get to propose topics and items on Saturday… and Sunday will happen.  We will break into groups in separate areas to cover the topics that you consider to be immediately beneficial to you and your station.

So start thinking:  if you had control of the agenda, what would you put on it?

But wait – there’s more

TR19 doesn’t come with steak knives, but we do have a few more reasons why you should attend.

Our partners:  we’ll have a selection of industry vendors and experts on hand to show a few techy things, advise you about projects, and hint about opportunities.

Buy/Swap/Sell:   watch for the announcement.   We’re going to provide some space for you to actively exchange some gear for something else (like money, or a different widget).

Technorama sales:  we have some items that you might want.   Low power FM exciters, Orban signal processors, CD players, and more.   See what’s on our table and do a deal.

So… isn’t it time you registered? (click through and do it now)!

And don’t forget:  registration is way cheaper if you’re a member of Technorama.

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