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Headlines:  It’s not too late to sign up for Technorama 2016.  Only $110 volunteer/station rate for the conference / meals / everything (except your travel and accommodation).  Dare you to find better value.  And some seriously cheap rooms STILL available at Rydges if you’re quick: $233 for two nights hotel.  Please help spread the word to all sector techs and interested people.  All on the website.  And help us by sending this note to someone who might not know about….

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this weekend: 22-24 July 2016!

Hi.    Are you (or your station techs) already registered for Technorama?   It’s only a few days away now and we’re pumped.   If you’re registered or have someone going, ignore this bit and read the News below.  But if you haven’t yet registered, this is the important reminder.

It’s not too late to register, and it’s the cheapest full-on tech education event you will find.  Period.  This is how you support your volunteers.

Registration:  do this any time, even an hour before we start.  Click here, read all the info, then register before it’s too late.

Who can come, and who will benefit?  If you support tech for a station, if you are interested in radio technology, if you’re passionate about education and training, if you are involved with the sector in any capacity, if you work for a commercial radio station, or if you just want to join the gang for the weekend:  you can come and we will make you welcome.  And bring your friends/partners/relatives.

Newsflash:  The cheap two-days for one accommodation offer at Rydges was still available when this note was sent.  The rate has increased a few times, but for two nights it’s the cheapest around AND it’s an international class hotel.  Book now while two nights of hotel costs less than a Sydney taxi fare!

The full program is here, and even more details about the event, the location, the social times, and how to register are at  While you’re there download the cool (we think) TR16 poster from the website for your station noticeboard!

Our special welcome event is on Friday night at MediaHub.   You have to experience the facility to believe, so check the video here and see why we’re excited.  Technorama delegates will get an up-close and personal tour of some of the most advanced broadcast technology in the country.
Send any questions to [email protected]

Just a small sample of the buffet meals on offer...If a tech army marches on its stomach, this is one event where nobody goes away hungry or frustrated.   We have the most wonderful lunch lined up, and dinner gets better.  It’s all included in the conference fee, along with morning and afternoon teas, and all the technical discussion that you can handle.

The agenda

Check the full program to see what’s on.

  • James Cridland, our Special Guest of Honour at TR16: a globally recognised radio futurologist
  • CBF attending to talk about grant applications and the new CBF structure
  • Introduction to Dante:  bulletproof digital audio on your LAN
  • Solving your transmission problems:  major focus thread on the program
  • What happens when the 850MHz link to your transmitter or OB is regulated away?
  • CBAA on your tech future, the state of the nation, and developments in CRN

Also while you’re online, like us on Facebook (TechnoramaAustralia), follow us on Twitter (@technorama_aus) and retweet your heart out with the hashtag TR16AU.  We want everyone to know about Technorama!

Looking forward to seeing you/your techs/your family/our guests…

John Maizels
TR16 convenor

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Technorama announced for 2016




16 April 2016


Technorama Incorporated, Australia’s grass-roots organization formed to support Community Broadcasting Technologists from over 440 not-for-profit radio services in Australia, has announced the dates and location of the 2016 national conference.

Technorama 16 will be held in Campbelltown, Sydney, from 22 to 24 July 2016.

Technorama events bring together broadcast engineering and management representatives from community stations across regional and metropolitan Australia, and feature special guests and professional contributions.  At the core of the weekend is informality and low price-point.  The ease with which community broadcasters may rub shoulders with their peers and  representatives from commercial industry allows them to share experiences, learn, and take home knowledge that benefits their stations and the sector.

The Technorama Conference program focuses on technology drivers and best practice in community radio, and provides an overview of technical and regulatory issues impacting Community stations in the digital era.

“I am excited about this year’s location”, said conference coordinator and President of Technorama, John Maizels.  “Our delegates asked for a conference that is easy to reach by car, rail and air, is informal in feel, close to cost-effective accommodation, and convenient for regional stations.  Our 2016 location in Campbelltown is all of that, and more.  And there’s a Community Station located within seconds of the conference.”

Technorama will offer participants topical discussions and hands-on practical sessions showcasing some of the latest broadcasting equipment and techniques, thanks to close cooperation from participating members.

“We have again assembled some of the top broadcast engineering talent in Australia, with a mix of equipment vendors, decision-makers and practitioners”, Maizels said.  “Technorama 16 will enable broadcasters to best position themselves for future growth and to keep pace with industry trends in a fast changing technology landscape.”

Thanks to sponsorship from the Community Broadcasting Foundation, TR16 will be affordably priced and highly accessible.

Details of programming will be released in the next two weeks.

Further details and constantly updated information will be found at the website:


Contact for further information:

John Maizels
Conference Coordinator

[email protected]
Technorama Incorporated
ABN 26469202335

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