Emma Couch and Julie Spencer join the Technorama Board

The Special General Meeting which updated the Technorama Incorporated constitution increased the size of the Technorama Board from seven to nine, and created two casual vacancies.

Emma Couch

Julie Spencer

At the Board meeting held on 19 June, the Board unanimously voted to appoint Emma Couch and Julie Spencer to fill the positions as Ordinary Committee members. Emma and Julie will hold these posts through to the 2018 AGM, when they become eligible for election.

John Maizels, President of Technorama Incorporated, has welcomed the appointments as a significant positive step in the development of Technorama.

“The Technorama Board has worked hard to ensure that we can provide skills-based leadership.  Both Emma and Julie bring a wealth of professional and personal experience that plays directly to Technorama’s core missions.”

Emma Couch has been heavily involved with Community Radio as a broadcaster, organiser and trainer and has a solid technical bent. Julie Spencer started in Community radio before moving into a professional career which puts her in the upper ranks of broadcast engineers in Australia as a hands-on project manager and facility developer.”

“We are very fortunate to have such passionate and committed people in our ranks, especially at a time when Technorama has been focusing on improving diversity, gender equity and skills within the technologist community.”

Read more about Emma Couch and Julie Spencer on our “About/Meet your Board” page, and contact them directly via their Technorama email addresses.

Our Constitution and Rules

At a Special General Meeting held on 19 May 2018, the members present unanimously adopted a new set of rules to govern Technorama.  These replaced the model rules which had been in use since the Association’s formation.

The new rules were lodged with NSW Fair Trading after the meeting, and became effective from 31 May 2018.

The updated ruleset brings Technorama into line with best practice for Board turnover, and make it possible for the organisation to be truly virtualised by adding provisions to permit electronic equivalents of the face-to-face provisions that dictate how meetings and elections are managed.

Both of these actions improve our ability to be correctly representative of members.

The full story behind the new rules can be found on the SGM 2018-1 page, and the new ruleset is live for download or reading from our corporate details page.   Note that the deprecated rules and the for-approval version have now been masked to obviate any confusion.

Special General Meeting Saturday 19th May 2018

Members of Technorama Incorporated are invited to attend a Special General Meeting of the Association.  The meeting will commence at 1730 and will be held concurrently at

  • the Maltese Community Council, 467-477 Royal Parade, Parkville VIC 3052, and
  • GoToMeeting 496-447-197

The main purpose of the meeting is to “consider and, if approved, adopt a new constitution to replace the existing constitution of Technorama Incorporated“.

Technorama Inc is a not-for-profit organisation incorporated in NSW under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009.   The current constitution is based, without modification, on the model constitution provided by Fair Trading and is the ideal starting point for a new association.

However Technorama has already outgrown some of the basic provisions of this constitution, and your committee has identified some changes that are needed in order for the organisation to develop further.

In particular the proposed constitution:

  • changes the election cycle so that half the committee is elected each year,
  • limits the number of contiguous terms that a member may serve as an office- bearer,
  • adds another two committee members,
  • increases the number of people needed to form a quorum, and
  • specifies ways in which electronic forms may be used for meeting processes.

We believe these proposed changes take Technorama Incorporated to, and beyond, current best practice, and will serve us well for the future.  Your committee asks you to consider the changes, show your support, and vote at the meeting.

A discussion of all the changes is available in the comments document, downloadable below.

Voting on the motion is only possible if you are in attendance (in person or by telepresence).

Telepresence registration instructions will shortly be sent to members.  Members who are attending Technorama do not need to pre-register their attendance.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the motion, please contact the President, John Maizels.  We value your input and feedback.

The set of referenced documents is here and available for download

Jim Parish

TR Station Mailout 180413

TR18 is a month out.   Here’s some information for you, and some things to get to your crew.   Post this on the noticeboard, and forward it to your station tech supporters.   Of course all the details are on the Technorama website  but here’s a couple of right-now reasons to check it out and act before you’re too late:

  • Awards nominations have been extended to this Sunday.   We were told that the Easter break and Commonwealth Games were a distraction and a few people needed more time.  Who are we to argue, so up to 23:59 this Sunday (15 April) you can nominate someone for one or more of the Technorama Awards.  A question that often comes up:  are you allowed to nominate yourself?  Yes, you may.The Awards are really important because they recognise work that is often unseen.  If everything happens on time, everything works, and everything is fixed as soon as it breaks, who notices the people who slaved to achieve all that?  Nobody.   If you think there’s an untold story or unsung hero at your station, jump in.   Check the categories – there are six.
  • Programming items added:   How to manage your volunteers around tech stuff (the panel);   Will the NBN make your phone system redundant (not if you’re smart);  The right antenna can save your life (what you really need to know);   OBs – the best results for the least money (meet the experts).
  • Sneaky way to save money:   The CBAA eNews from 12 April contained a Technorama pointer story with an unlock code, and the CMTO Facebook Live session, also on 12 April, contained another unlock code.  Both codes give you earlybird pricing for an extra week.  If you haven’t registered yet, then save some money by looking for the code.  Check your inbox or the appropriate website.You have until Sunday 15 April at 2359 to find the secret unlock codes.   After that, you’ll only find the normal rates.Don’t forget:  your TR18 Registration fee covers the full event for attendance and food, including the opening night and the gala dinner.
  • Room at the Inn.  Yes, there are still rooms available in best package hotel rates ever at The Vibe.   $140 or lower per night WITH BREAKFAST! and you don’t have to prepay.   But we’re getting very close to cutoff on the roomblock, so don’t wait.   After the roomblock exhausts, normal rates will prevail.
  • We’ve selected the eight Technorama Represent! Bursary awardees for this year, and will be announcing them shortly.   Awardees have been enabled to come from Queensland, South Australia, and NSW and very proud to be doing something positive to increase the diversity of our community.  Thanks to everyone who applied.

Tell the team!  Your station will benefit.

Make sure your Tech support people know about Technorama 2018 and make sure they attend.

Ask anyone who was at TR17… or TR16… or any of our past events.  Survey says:  110% satisfied.
SAVE!!!  Have you noticed the maths?

[TR18 Registration] + [Technorama Membership]  <<  [Nonmember price]

Yes, it’s actually cheaper to be a member of Technorama, AND if you join to attend TR18 you’ll still have change.




All the info you need is on the website

Technorama Education Day Registration launches on Sunday:  We’ve teased you long enough.  Registration for the 2018 Education Day event opened at lunchtime on Sunday 15 April.    This year the Education Day is focused on teaching the foundation skills of soldering, kit assembly, and simple testing.   Participants will wire up a cable, and make one or two kits from scratch under the watchful eye of experienced tutors.  The registration fee ($50) covers all materials and you get to take home the things you make.   Limited to 20 people (we expect you to be members and we’ll give preference to newbs).

How to register for TR18

Registration for TR18 is unbelievably simple, which is why there’s hardly anything on this page.

The entire process is managed by Eventbrite;  just answer the questions, select your payment option (credit card or invoice), fill in the credit card details, and press the button.  Note that Invoicing is more complex for us, and only available if you have an ABN.   We much prefer the plastic option.

Registration is cheaper for Technorama members:  your membership is covered by the saving over the non-Member Registration rate.

We have a one-stop process. To read all about the event, where it is, what to do, see all the options and to get started on becoming a member of Technorama and/or register for TR18, click the blue thing below and follow the dots.

Do you provide other accreditation?

Yes, but not from the registration form.   To discuss media or special access, please contact us directly.


Julie Spencer is the TR18 Special Guest of Honour

We’re just so stoked to have Julie Spencer joining us for TR18 as our Special Guest of Honour.   This role has a special status at Technorama: each year we roll out the red carpet for a colleague who is senior in the industry and has a direct connection with what we do.  That person is indeed our guest for the weekend.

Julie is no stranger to Community Radio: she got involved with a station while studying in Canberra, and the experience firmly locked down the broadcasting bug.

Julie graduated from University of Canberra with an Honours degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering and initially moved to research and teaching… but the call of the toolbox was strong.

After a stint at OneTel as a microwave frequency assigner, her passion for RF Engineering took Julie to Broadcast Australia where she became a Project Engineer responsible for leading teams and commissioning over 55 digital television stations across Queensland and Western Australia.  In the process she satisfied her love of the Australian bush – by four wheel driving to remote sites, climbing broadcast towers and “meeting a huge range of people”.  Through her career at Broadcast Australia, she developed skills in whole-of-facility design and management, including a good understanding of electrical systems, mechanical systems, earthing, tower design and buildings.

After Broadcast Australia, Julie worked as a Technical Advisor for the Digital Switchover Taskforce (“The Restack”), and then spent three years at SBS as Engineering Manager (aka, Chief Engineer).  At SBS, among other projects, she designed and commissioned the new DAB encoding system.

In 2016 Julie returned to Canberra to be with family, and has most recently been a Ground Station Engineer and WHS manager for Geoscience Australia.

Julie Spencer has always been an “on-tool” engineer, and loves hands-on work.  She’s never happy unless she’s singing, teaching, or building something – just the right person to join us in Melbourne for TR18.

At TR18 we fully expect to see Julie holding a soldering iron, discussing finer points of antennae and towers, and talking about a career which is only just getting started.


Technorama Member 23 March Newsletter

Checking in to make sure you know about some critical dates coming up, especially with the Easter break around the corner.   Details on all of these points can be found from the home page.Technorama Incorporated

Come to TR18 with some or all of your expenses paid:  apply for the Represent! Bursary.  This year’s round closes on Sunday 25 March at 2359.   The aim of Represent!  is to help people who typically wouldn’t make it to a Technorama event and who fall outside the global older-male demographic.  Full detail is on the website, and if you qualify it will take less than 15 minutes to apply.   That could be a very valuable 15 minutes!!

Dob in a mate for an award:  Technorama Awards are open in six categories, so that you and I can recognise some people who have done great work and good things.   Nominations close Friday 6 April, which is in two weeks.

Tell us if you have a hot topic for TR18:   we’re doing the final consultation check before we lock off the programming for TR18.  If you have a topic that you think should be covered, or if you have a topic that you want to get on the program, let us know NOW.    Before Monday 26 March send an email to us by clicking here.

Update your Membership record:   We’re trying very hard to improve our community’s diversity.  Turns out that to track how well we’re doing (better than anyone else, we hope), you need to tell us your age and gender.   Who knew?   Well, we didn’t, and so those questions were never placed on the membership form.  But the CBF asks grantees to report on age and gender diversity, and we’re OK with that.   We hope you are too.  Please help us with this important mission:  can you update the age and gender fields in your membership record?  And fix anything else that’s wrong at the same time?  We promise that Technorama respects your privacy and the law, and that we do not release your membership details in any reporting.

To check or update your records, log on to member.technorama.org.au, sign in with your userid (or do the lost password thing if you’ve forgotten your userid or password).   Select the option on the left to update your membership record.  And very important: you need to enter your password to confirm any update; if you don’t, then all changes are lost.

Thanks heaps, and keep those cards and letters coming in.   If you have questions to ask, don’t forget about the Q&A Group – check the job opportunities and auction sale items that were posted this week.

All the best,


John Maizels
Technorama Incorporated
[email protected]

TR18 Travel and Accommodation guide

Where can you stay?

We’ve found and negotiated a convention hotel, but before we talk about that you’ll want to know that there are many hotels in the area surrounding the Maltese Club, and all the ones that we’ve checked within walking distance are perfectly adequate (or better).

This link takes you to a hotel listing for the area.  Note that Google Maps starts with all hotels that exist, so some properties show up that don’t actually have accommodation – they will be identified with a cocktail icon.  The packaged search should identify room availability for the core Technorama dates, but take no risks with the form.  Ensure you have the correct dates on the form before you book.

Important information:     Melbourne is known to be a bit of a sporting city.  You knew that, right?  Demand on hotels can change very suddenly, depending on which teams are playing locally that weekend, and state of the league ladders – which applies to AFL, NRL and ALeague.  Don’t leave things to the last minute or your room could be expensive or unavailable.  Or both.

The Vibe:  Technorama Hotel

Technorama has locked down a very attractive deal at the Vibe Carlton, which is arguably the best hotel in the area and certainly the closest to the Maltese Club;  about three minutes walk.    The Vibe is midway between tram stops 16 and 17 on Royal Parade (Route 19).

The Technorama deal at the Vibe is $140/night, post-paidINCLUDING BREAKFAST for one person.  This is good value compared to pre-purchase at $112-134 without breakfast.  The $140 or lower rate is available for the nights of Technorama, and there are cheap nights available either side of the TR dates.

We know the TFE Hotels booking site is weird, and we know it’s going to show you confusing rates.  If you take the Technorama rate, you will get the best deal, and we’re providing lots of feedback to the hotel.

Follow this link to access the Technorama deal and note a few important points:

  1. The calendar exposed by the link works on basis of check-in and check-out days, so it looks like you are booking three nights.  The nights counter shows the actual  number of days selected
  2. the rate shown on the calendar is the lowest rate possible, which is a prepay rate with no breakfast.
  3. when you follow the link, you will be offered the correct code and the two nights of Technorama.  You can select another date range by clicking on the check-in then check-out dates.
  4. the rate shown on the tab when you pick your nights will be the average price per night for the number of nights you’ve selected.  That might well be less than $140, and it’s what you will pay.
  5. If you want additional nights, just highlight the dates or change the calendar entries.
  6. Click on   Check Availability  , and then select the “Technorama Daily Rate” under “Guest Room King” or Guest Room Double Double.  If you select any rate other than “Technorama” you will not automatically get breakfast, and you will be required to prepay.
  7. There are Technorama rates on the bigger rooms.  Click on the “view available rates” bar to see if rooms are available.
  8. Click on the red   BOOK   button.  On the next page you can also add breakfasts to cover additional occupants at $15/day/person.
  9. Bookings can be changed later.

Committee members collectively have stayed many times and nights at the Vibe, and can attest to the quality of the rooms and the goodness of the breakfast.

Use the Web

We contacted a number of hotels in the area, and the advice is the same:  check the aggregator websites (Wotif, Trivago, booking.com, etc) for general pricing, but BOOK DIRECT for best pricing (and see below for specifics against some of the hotels).  Aggregator rates will most likely be higher than or the same as the hotel-direct rates and, while the hotels can’t say this, they can give you a better deal if you book direct.    Let us know if you find an amazing deal, and we will update this page.

The most important thing to do is book now, and hunt around a little when you do.  You might still do better on the web with a bit of checking, and last year one of the hotels had an amazing deal that came in after we’d negotiated the rate – and we were able to switch rates after making the booking.

Also:  if you are booking online check the number of guests defaulting on the booking form.  Almost all sites will default to two adults, which might or might not be what you want – and it can certainly change the rate or availability.

Many hotels in the area have no-charge parking.   On street parking is metered on Saturday, but is low risk and highly available.

TR18 Anchor page

Technorama Exit Survey

Protected: Technorama Exit Survey

We value your feedback, and so do the people who support us to make Technorama possible.  So we'd appreciate if you could fill in the form and give us your opinions.  Attendees: check your email for the password ...
Opening night moves (you and everyone!)

Opening night moves (you and everyone!)

18 May:  the Opening Night function for TR18 is at Australia's largest specialist Ethnic Community Broadcaster: 3ZZZ.   See the story here ...
Technorama Ed Day 2018:  Foundation Skills training

Technorama Ed Day 2018: Foundation Skills training

Our Education Day is announced, and this year we're helping Technology Newbies to get started. For just $50 (TR Member rate) we will get you started with soldering; teach you to identify components, wire up plugs and sockets, and build a small kit or two. And along the way you'll learn about problem determination. Places still available, but steadily selling so register now ...
TR18 Program Grid

TR18 Program Grid

Technorama is over for 2018, and was a huge success. Naturally we'd say that, but it really was very special and we'll report on that shortly. Right now we're taking a bit of a breather and hiatus while we gather our wits again. Meanwhile, you can read what flew past, or peruse what you missed ...
Special General Meeting Saturday 19th May 2018

Special General Meeting Saturday 19th May 2018

Technorama Incorporated has proposed changes to the constitution, which will be discussed and put to a vote at a Special General Meeting to be held on Saturday 19 May 2019. What are the changes and why? All is revealed here, and all Members are invited to participate ...
TR18 Station Mailout 180504

TR18 Station Mailout 180504

We're just two weeks out. Time to get out those last minute registrations. Newsflash: our opening night on 18 May has moved to 3ZZZ. As at 3 May the Vibe has 20 rooms left on Saturday night and you can still get the Technorama rate if you're quick. And interstaters: there are still some very affordable flights through our travel partner HelloWorld ...
TR18 congratulates the inaugural Represent! Bursary awardees

TR18 congratulates the inaugural Represent! Bursary awardees

The Technorama Committee is keenly aware that tech is not the glamour side of broadcasting, and that not enough is being done to encourage would-be technologists, and technologists from outside the traditional cohort, to engage and train in technology fields ...
TR Station Mailout 180413

TR Station Mailout 180413

Special deals and things to do. Awards nominations are now closed for 2018. We also bid farewell to earlybird registration. But Education Day registration is off and running, and plenty of room available for Technorama itself. Read the latest news for stations ...
TR18 Travel options

TR18 Travel options

Travelling to TR18 What you need to know: TR18 starts with the evening function from 1830 on Friday 18th, and you will need to be at the function location by then - it's changed, so stand by for an update ...
Technorama perpetual award

2018 Technorama Awards program

Technorama 2018 Award nominations are open, but not for ever: submissions close Sunday 15 April. Technologists need encouragement and appreciation, and a peer hug is one of the sweetest rewards for a job well done. So how does it work? Just too easy ...
How to register for TR18

How to register for TR18

Here's where you register for Technorama 2018, through our clever embedded Eventbrite form. Did you know that a Member can attend all of Technorama, including food, for $110? You won't find better value for a community gathering ...
Julie Spencer is the TR18 Special Guest of Honour

Julie Spencer is the TR18 Special Guest of Honour

We're just so stoked to have Julie Spencer joining us for TR18 as our Special Guest of Honour.   This role has a special status at Technorama: each year we roll out the red carpet for a colleague who is senior ...
Technorama Member 23 March Newsletter

Technorama Member 23 March Newsletter

We're coming up to Easter and 7 weeks out from TR18. Reminder to enter the Bursary, nominate a deserving person for a Technorama Award, tell us if you have a programming idea, and why we've added age and gender to the membership forms. Plus can you check your membership record? Lots of stuff ...
Technorama Member 16 March Newsletter

Technorama Member 16 March Newsletter

Hi!   TR18 prep continues, and we're working to get our PR much better, quicker, and more frequent than in the past.Things that might have changed on the website since you last looked: Nominations are open for The 2018 Technorama Awards.  ...
TR18 Direct registration page

TR18 Direct registration page

Kids, don't try this at home!! If you truly know everything there is to know about TR, and you're sure about which categories to pick, here's the speed-selection Eventbrite entry screen: Powered by Eventbrite ...
Technorama welcomes young people and women to TR18

Technorama welcomes young people and women to TR18

If you're young and/or identify as a woman here's funding that might bring you to TR18, closing March 25. We feel the need to change the demographic of people who are involved with tech, and the buck starts here!! Find out how to apply ...
Technorama Member 7 March newsletter

Technorama Member 7 March newsletter

Welcome to Technorama Update, with a heap of news about TR18.  This year we're back in Melbourne from 18-20 May, and expecting a solid turnout from Victoria and southern states (or.. we'll get annoyed and move back North). Please have ...
The TR18 At A Glance and FAQ Page

The TR18 At A Glance and FAQ Page

If you're not sure, have a question, can't find the info, or just want a summary of TR18: start here. If you still can't find an answer, use the contact form to get in touch with us ...
TR18 Travel and Accommodation guide

TR18 Travel and Accommodation guide

You're going to need somewhere to stay when you're in Melbourne. We've already taken the pain out of finding a good hotel deal ...
TR18: Triumphant return to Melbourne - and travel plans unfold

TR18: Triumphant return to Melbourne – and travel plans unfold

We've announced the location and early details for TR18, which is in Melbourne. Now would be a good time to check out what's on the slate and line up travel plans ...
TR18 added value:  Training Day

TR18 added value: Training Day

Big plans are afoot to build on the success of last year's hands-on training day. Make sure you can attend ...

Josh Pearson joins Techorama Committee

Josh Pearson, Operations Manager at Joy FM in Melbourne has been appointed to the Committee of Technorama.  He will fill a casual vacancy until the 2018 AGM.

Josh brings with him a wealth of operational and IT experience, and has already started working on the logistics for TR18 in May.

You can read a bit more about Josh and all the Technorama Committee on the Meet Your Board page.

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