Webinar announcement: How Google G Suite can be your station’s friend

Whether your station is big or tiny, you can get benefit from the Google G Suite platform in your day to day operations.   Shaun Dennis, winner of the CBAA 2017 Award for Excellence in Technical Services will be your host and guide.

In this 1-hr webinar we will hear from Shaun Dennis, Gove FM Technical Manager who has gained hours upon hours of experience working through the challenges that his station experienced in poor station-wide communication and implementing the solution bought to him by Google Apps.
Shaun will share with the audience the extremely cost-friendly solutions he has come up with to improve station-wide communication and accessibility.

Google G Suite is designed for business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it at your station. This session will tell you how G Suite works,  which parts might be perfect for your station, and some ways in which you can put the tools to use right now.   The session will also also touch on the steps needs to get started (including domains, ACNC registration, Connecting Up).
Date:  31 July at 1830
Your hosts:
Shaun Dennis,  GOVE FM  (Presenter)
Emma Couch, CMTO (Facilitator)

What you’ll learn:  Participants will get first-hand information about the Google G Suite cloud platform and how it compares with Office365.  You will also hear about benefits from using G Suite compared to self hosted email (local servers) or generic email addresses (such as [email protected]/iinet/gmail.com).

The session will cover some basic use cases and setup requirements, and Shaun will provide some tips to get started.
Bonus:  Learn how moving to G Suite made it possible for GOVE FM to gracefully recover from a Ransomware attack and DNS blacklisting.
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About your trainer:  Shaun Dennis is Tech Manager at Gove FM in the tiny town of Nhulunbuy NT (population < 4000 people).   Shaun is responsible for all technology at the station, and supports a number of other Community broadcasters in the area.  He is an active member of the Technorama IT Subcommittee, and was winner of the Excellence in Technical Services at the 2017 CBAA National Conference.

Hold the line – Phone Blitz delivers extension to learning exchange

Setting up a phone system isn’t a job, it’s a calling.   And on 19 July 2018, the first Technorama Telephony training session connected with the participants.

Over the day, five students from three Victorian stations went from knowing nothing about phone systems to building and configuring a complete setup for their stations.   They left knowing how to size and lay out a system, set the phone parameters, connect music-on-hold, interface a hybrid, and even how to turn on a studio light when calls come in.

The class was taught by John Maizels from Technorama, and was based around the Commander BN systems.   The fully hands-on training demonstrated just how robust the platform really is.  Despite best attempts to misconnect just about every interface, the systems kept running and never missed a beat.   In the process the class experimented with many types of phones, and external lines, and even saw how to connect mobile phones to the systems via bluetooth.

We congratulate Geoff from 3CH, Rob from Radio Mansfield, and Ren, Phil and David from 3MDR.

If your station needs training or a phone system, get in touch with Technorama or the CMTO and let us see if we can create an opportunity for you.

Telephones: technical training and a system!

If your station has no phone system, if you’re spooked by the NBN rollout, or if you need to know how to set up and program an existing Commander system, this will be the one-day class you can’t afford to miss.


Technorama and CMTO are running a one-day Pathways session on how to select and set up a small phone system for your station!

This session is being hosted at 3MDR and there are a few spaces still available for community radio volunteers and staff to join in.

When: Thursday, 19th July 10am-6pm
Where: Forest Park Homestead, Riley Rd, Upwey South, 3158
Cost: Free + access to heavily discounted rates on a Commander Phone system.

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What will we cover: This session will feature Commander BN installation and programming.   The Commander BN is a highly reliable hybrid analogue/digital phone system which suits many small (and very large) stations and interfaces easily to NBN phone lines.

If you don’t have a phone system now, and if you have between one and five incoming phone lines, this is an excellent solution.

Who should come?  This session will be ideal if you need a small phone system and don’t have one;  you have a Commander BN system but you don’t know how to set it up;  or you want to learn about configuring phone systems in general.  Small is 1-5 incoming lines, and 4-12 extension handsets.

Topics will include:

  • Planning the phone layout
  • Sizing and specifying
  • Commander BN programming
  • Basic installation
  • Testing the phone system
  • How to interface a hybrid and your console
  • Connecting the “phone call” light and muting the phone
  • Interfacing the system to NBN
  • What wiring you need in your station
  • Where to go for help
  • Tricks and tips

What you will take away:  At the end of the session you will have performed basic configuration, you will  have a system which works, and be confident about how to approach the documentation (supplied).

Places are strictly limited, so please register your interest here.

Date for the diary: Technorama Annual General Meeting 26 September 2018

It’s way too early for any detail, but not too early to put the date in your diary.

The Annual General Meeting of Technorama Incorporated will be held on the evening of Wednesday 26 September 2018.   In accordance with the rules, there will be a call for motions for the AGM and a distribution of appropriate documentation.    And in accordance with Technorama policy, the meeting will be held entirely virtualised, using GoToMeeting and Sparklevote.

If you have any questions in advance of official notices, please drop a line to [email protected] or via the contact form on the website.


John Maizels
President, Technorama Incorporated

Emma Couch and Julie Spencer join the Technorama Board

The Special General Meeting which updated the Technorama Incorporated constitution increased the size of the Technorama Board from seven to nine, and created two casual vacancies.

Emma Couch

Julie Spencer

At the Board meeting held on 19 June, the Board unanimously voted to appoint Emma Couch and Julie Spencer to fill the positions as Ordinary Committee members. Emma and Julie will hold these posts through to the 2018 AGM, when they become eligible for election.

John Maizels, President of Technorama Incorporated, has welcomed the appointments as a significant positive step in the development of Technorama.

“The Technorama Board has worked hard to ensure that we can provide skills-based leadership.  Both Emma and Julie bring a wealth of professional and personal experience that plays directly to Technorama’s core missions.”

Emma Couch has been heavily involved with Community Radio as a broadcaster, organiser and trainer and has a solid technical bent. Julie Spencer started in Community radio before moving into a professional career which puts her in the upper ranks of broadcast engineers in Australia as a hands-on project manager and facility developer.”

“We are very fortunate to have such passionate and committed people in our ranks, especially at a time when Technorama has been focusing on improving diversity, gender equity and skills within the technologist community.”

Read more about Emma Couch and Julie Spencer on our “About/Meet your Board” page, and contact them directly via their Technorama email addresses.

New Constitution and Rules adopted

At a Special General Meeting held on 19 May 2018, the members present unanimously adopted a new set of rules to replace the model rules which had been in use since the Association’s formation.

The new rules were lodged with NSW Fair Trading after the meeting, and became effective from 31 May 2018.

The updated ruleset brings Technorama into line with best practice for Board turnover, and make it possible for the organisation to be truly virtualised by adding provisions to permit electronic equivalents of the face-to-face provisions that dictate how meetings and elections are managed.

Both of these actions improve our ability to be correctly representative of members.

The full story behind the new rules can be found on the SGM 2018-1 page, and the new ruleset is live for download or reading from our corporate details page.   Note that the deprecated rules and the for-approval version have now been masked to obviate any confusion.

Special General Meeting Saturday 19th May 2018

Members of Technorama Incorporated are invited to attend a Special General Meeting of the Association.  The meeting will commence at 1730 and will be held concurrently at

  • the Maltese Community Council, 467-477 Royal Parade, Parkville VIC 3052, and
  • GoToMeeting 496-447-197

The main purpose of the meeting is to “consider and, if approved, adopt a new constitution to replace the existing constitution of Technorama Incorporated“.

Technorama Inc is a not-for-profit organisation incorporated in NSW under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009.   The current constitution is based, without modification, on the model constitution provided by Fair Trading and is the ideal starting point for a new association.

However Technorama has already outgrown some of the basic provisions of this constitution, and your committee has identified some changes that are needed in order for the organisation to develop further.

In particular the proposed constitution:

  • changes the election cycle so that half the committee is elected each year,
  • limits the number of contiguous terms that a member may serve as an office- bearer,
  • adds another two committee members,
  • increases the number of people needed to form a quorum, and
  • specifies ways in which electronic forms may be used for meeting processes.

We believe these proposed changes take Technorama Incorporated to, and beyond, current best practice, and will serve us well for the future.  Your committee asks you to consider the changes, show your support, and vote at the meeting.

A discussion of all the changes is available in the comments document, downloadable below.

Voting on the motion is only possible if you are in attendance (in person or by telepresence).

Telepresence registration instructions will shortly be sent to members.  Members who are attending Technorama do not need to pre-register their attendance.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the motion, please contact the President, John Maizels.  We value your input and feedback.

The set of referenced documents is here and available for download

Jim Parish

TR Station Mailout 180413

TR18 is a month out.   Here’s some information for you, and some things to get to your crew.   Post this on the noticeboard, and forward it to your station tech supporters.   Of course all the details are on the Technorama website  but here’s a couple of right-now reasons to check it out and act before you’re too late:

  • Awards nominations have been extended to this Sunday.   We were told that the Easter break and Commonwealth Games were a distraction and a few people needed more time.  Who are we to argue, so up to 23:59 this Sunday (15 April) you can nominate someone for one or more of the Technorama Awards.  A question that often comes up:  are you allowed to nominate yourself?  Yes, you may.The Awards are really important because they recognise work that is often unseen.  If everything happens on time, everything works, and everything is fixed as soon as it breaks, who notices the people who slaved to achieve all that?  Nobody.   If you think there’s an untold story or unsung hero at your station, jump in.   Check the categories – there are six.
  • Programming items added:   How to manage your volunteers around tech stuff (the panel);   Will the NBN make your phone system redundant (not if you’re smart);  The right antenna can save your life (what you really need to know);   OBs – the best results for the least money (meet the experts).
  • Sneaky way to save money:   The CBAA eNews from 12 April contained a Technorama pointer story with an unlock code, and the CMTO Facebook Live session, also on 12 April, contained another unlock code.  Both codes give you earlybird pricing for an extra week.  If you haven’t registered yet, then save some money by looking for the code.  Check your inbox or the appropriate website.You have until Sunday 15 April at 2359 to find the secret unlock codes.   After that, you’ll only find the normal rates.Don’t forget:  your TR18 Registration fee covers the full event for attendance and food, including the opening night and the gala dinner.
  • Room at the Inn.  Yes, there are still rooms available in best package hotel rates ever at The Vibe.   $140 or lower per night WITH BREAKFAST! and you don’t have to prepay.   But we’re getting very close to cutoff on the roomblock, so don’t wait.   After the roomblock exhausts, normal rates will prevail.
  • We’ve selected the eight Technorama Represent! Bursary awardees for this year, and will be announcing them shortly.   Awardees have been enabled to come from Queensland, South Australia, and NSW and very proud to be doing something positive to increase the diversity of our community.  Thanks to everyone who applied.

Tell the team!  Your station will benefit.

Make sure your Tech support people know about Technorama 2018 and make sure they attend.

Ask anyone who was at TR17… or TR16… or any of our past events.  Survey says:  110% satisfied.
SAVE!!!  Have you noticed the maths?

[TR18 Registration] + [Technorama Membership]  <<  [Nonmember price]

Yes, it’s actually cheaper to be a member of Technorama, AND if you join to attend TR18 you’ll still have change.




All the info you need is on the website

Technorama Education Day Registration launches on Sunday:  We’ve teased you long enough.  Registration for the 2018 Education Day event opened at lunchtime on Sunday 15 April.    This year the Education Day is focused on teaching the foundation skills of soldering, kit assembly, and simple testing.   Participants will wire up a cable, and make one or two kits from scratch under the watchful eye of experienced tutors.  The registration fee ($50) covers all materials and you get to take home the things you make.   Limited to 20 people (we expect you to be members and we’ll give preference to newbs).

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